Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Women Reward Lies

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Brad k said...

Gilbert is a train wreck and a cheerleader for woman blowing up marriages and families
People will cheer her on for being brave for coming out don't worry she crashed two men's lives

john camara said...

"Women reward Lies" do communists.

john camara said...

"Women reward lies" do Communists.

Anonymous said...

terrorism is funded with tax payers money:

Anonymous said...

Unwanted children are also funded by taxpayers:

CEO Nikolic said...

Hello, my Lord Captain Capitalism.

Greg Nikolic here ( I got a good few chuckles out of your podcast about lies and women, tho' I think your heat and anger and disbelief stem more from your unsatisfying life than from any false concern for their gender.

The irony is I'm actually going to profit from lies to women in two ways: one by writing a series of books that do exactly what you say (although it's going to be harder than you cavalierly dismiss) and two, seducing women based on my good looks and charm, and eventually, shall we say, "lending" them for money to Bay Street businessmen in suits who can't get their own pretty young things. (Bay Street is the "Wall Street" of Canada, and is in the city where I live, Toronto).

I wrote you one (1) email, offering you a future job with my corporation, Quadelitedom Corp. It will be a media corporation and will eventually, I hope, prove highly profitable. I would like to employ you as the Senior Vice-President of Finance -- you have a wonderful personality, you're sharp as a tack, and you're filled with hate for the things I hate . . . lies being one of them. Just because I can use them doesn't mean I like them.

But in the meantime, I have to write my novels. Since you -- and other giants of the Internet -- are banking on me, I'd better do a superlative job.

I'll return here from time to time to post my quotes on your thoughts. You can thank me later. ~ Greg N.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Clarey! The greatest economist mind on the Net!

I was picking up _The Financial Times_ of London the other day and I noticed that the corporations are still hiring ass-kissers who DON'T tell lies.

It seems to me a tragedy that someone has bold and outspoken as you has to live in exile from the corporate world. When I get my own corporation going, I would like to offer you a position in it, perhaps V-P of Finance. I know you're not trained for that CFO-type position, but I don't really care. I watch your videos and listen to your podcasts with relish and pleasure, and I would LOVE to work by your side.

We'll see how that works out. I will continue commenting on your site so you can get to know me a bit better, and feel free to come to mine,

Yours truly,

(future) CEO Greg Nikolic

TD said...

My kneejerk reaciton was that I thought that you were overstating your case about women basing their lives on Gilbert's book, so I looked it up. And here it is:
"Eat Love Pray Made me do it" Now a New York Times Bestseller -- True stories inspired by one of the most iconic, beloved, bestselling books of our time...

My knee was wrong.