Monday, September 12, 2016

How to Replace Colleges and Universities

A client at Asshole Consulting asked "What would the world of education look like under Cappy?"  To which I answered him below.  All of my ideas are genius and should obviously be implemented, but pay particular interest to #11.  I not only think it's feasible, but if we got enough employers on board we could obsolete college degrees overnight.

OK, here is "The Education World of Cappy"

One, there would be no mandatory attendance past the 5th grade.  The state would provide vouchers for students to attend schools until they have the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and after that, the state no longer cares if your kid is in school or not.  It would be up to the family to decide if they're going to keep their kid in school past the 5th grade.

Two, there would be no public schools.  All schools would be private and the government would provide vouchers for those who are too poor to afford schooling.

Three, any trouble makers would be kicked out.  bullies could be beaten by the teachers.  Physical discipline would be allowed.  Any shit students would and could be expelled.  After that it would be up to other schools as to whether or not allow trouble makers into their school.

Four, progress/advancement/graduation would depend on ability, no age.  You could in theory pass high school at the age of 7 if you master the subjects and test out of it.  There is no reason to keep smart kids with stupid ones for 13 years of education.

Fifth, you would only attend until 16.  There is no reason it takes 13 years to educate children this much.  We can easily lop off 2 years of unnecessary bullshit.

Sixth, as much education could be done over the internet as possible.  If you can pass the test either in person or online, I don't care.  You passed the test.  homeschooling would be a completely viable option and you could just have to show up to test at the local school to get certified.

Seventh, starting at the 6th grade the school would become military.  Drills, exercise, uniforms, discipline.  Not mean or beatings or anything like that...unless some kid mouths off.

Eighth, English and writing would be eliminated after the 5th grade and the curriculum would be practical education hence forth.  STEM, IT, trades, agriculture, medicine, civics, economics, construction, firearms, martial arts, survivalist training, etc.  This would require a fair amount of labs and hands on work.  We would also be constantly in contact with employers to see what was in demand and incorporating those skills into the curriculum. 

Ninth, mandatory military service.  2 years, have a cup of STFU and then you can vote upon completing those two years.

Tenth, teachers would be required to have 5 years minimum experience in their field.  Nobody with a liberal arts degree or "education degree" would be allowed to teach.  A bum off the street who has 10 years experience programming, but no degree would be hired over the fuckwit, know-nothing cunt with her doctorate in "education."  They can set up private schools and colleges all they want, but you'd be an idiot to pay for attending when there's a perfectly good library on every corner.

Eleventh, colleges and universities would be eliminated (or funding completely cut) and replaced with a national certification board.  You would test and get certifications, not degrees.  Certifications specifically addressing skills like accounting, programming, supply chain management, welding, etc. etc that would not already be otherwise offered via unions, the various CPA state boards, or IT certification entities.  There would be no "4-8 years in college" BS.  Just a test you may pay some nominal sitting fee for.  This national certification board would be publicly funded, but enlist the help of industry experts to develop the tests and standards to ensure students have the required skills.

Anyway, that would be the rough outline of "Cappy's Education Industry".  Hope that helps.




Anonymous said...

Not a bad plan at all, but I say no to slavery with the military.

(((Doc B))) said...

Hey Cappie....

As a combat vet I must take issue with your ninth point. I want no part of serving with draftees. I cannot conceive of putting my life in the hands of some flunkie who is forced to be there. Fuck that. If you must have mandatory service, either make them serve in units comprised of only draftees, or allow alternate service - like the Germans do.

Other than that, I'm in.

Cappie for President 2016.

Swede said...

As an Army vet, I like Will C's idea. Alternate units, or else, I'm sure there is a hospital that needs it's floors washed and bedpans cleaned.

Good ideas all. As an older STEM graduate (BS Physics 1983, MS Math 1996), I still have trouble believing all the stupid crap going on these days. Never happened when I was in school, although we didn't have time for nonsense either.

Anonymous said...

Non-Spinning Regular Tie said...

Mandatory military service is a bit much. While Switzerland is a good model, their population is also 1/20th of ours.

Mandatory military-type training is feasible, I think. I remember countries like Russia, Finland, South Korea, and Switzerland as well, have mandatory military training and a short term of service...but after that, most of the guys get assigned to various tasks like helping police, learn EMT/EMS, drive supply trucks, do grunt work citizen service.

You guys are right - full on military service wouldn't be good for the serious troops, and way too expensive. But training, short service, and assignment to units like disaster relief is feasible and would aid in the certifications, training, and discipline.

This would also teach the kiddos about what it means to be a citizen in a republic...i.e., all US citizens are members of the militia

TL,DR: I agree, and other countries do this same thing with some success.

Tucanae Services said...

You failed as soon as you said "The state would provide ....". As soon as you have the govt involved you have lost control.

"Eighth, English and writing would be eliminated after the 5th grade and the curriculum would be practical education hence forth. STEM, IT, trades, agriculture, medicine, civics, economics, construction, firearms, martial arts, survivalist training, etc. ..." Sorry does not work that way. Though it can be a waste training english, that does not mean it is not relevant. Few have mastered nuance of language by that age. NO ONE excels in STEM or IT without superior reading and writing skills. I worked in IT for 35 years and in all that time I was formally trained on about a dozen platforms. The rest? "Hey the widget is down on the loading dock. Here's the manual. Can you have it up by tomorrow??"

The balance of the suggestions have merit.

YIH said...

the government would provide vouchers for those who are too poor to afford schooling
How would that work out? Let's see: there would be almost no private schools. and Almost all schools would be public because no trouble makers would be kicked out..
Why did I revise your quotes? Simple, take the government's vouchers, take the government's rules. If Demarqarious is beating up teachers and other students regularly do you think he'll be booted out? Short of being arrested and jailed, NO. Just like now - because that would be 'racist'... You weren't aware of that?
And ''private'' (heavily government funded) schools are so much better? Care to explain this? ITT Out of Business.