Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why Silicon Valley Votes Left - Sex

In my previous post, I asked Silicon Slaves why they work in an environment and state that results in them being slaves 42% of their working lives.  Thankfully, a fair amount of insiders and former Siliconers responded, explaining to us normies in fly over country why so many Silicon employees willingly vote against their own best interests.  The reasons were many and varied, ranging anything from the "excitement" to work in "the" Silicon Valley, propaganda in school that channeled their careers to the Slave Jose area, or outright simple mistakes of failing to account for cost of living adjustments.  But while all these reasons were legitimate and I don't doubt a single one, there is one that explains at least why men slave away to...well...slave away at Silicon Valley.


Let us be very clear why civilization exists.  It exists because men wanted sex.  And the way men traditionally got sex was by being good providers to women.  This meant a combination of not only providing adequate resources to support a woman and her children, but the ability to defend them and keep them safe.  In ancient times this meant being the strongest warrior, or perhaps and biggest barbarian, but as time went on and technologies advanced, accumulating resources wasn't a direct function of your brute strength or power.  It was also determined by intelligence, creativity, and innovation.  And thus men set out to build...well...basically everything, in the hope of making it rich and attracting mates.  And this ages-long genetic ritual is simply playing itself out in Silicon Valley.

There's just a couple problems.

One, while amassing resources and making it rich does certainly help with the ladies, the problem is that women (as well as men) are still genetically programmed to be attracted to what worked the past 2 million years of evolution, NOT the past 200.  Yes, nerds, geeks, and capitalists can create the Standard Oils, Microsofts, and Facebooks of the world, but that does not turn on women as much as a tall, strong, aloof jock does.  We see empirical evidence of this practically everywhere, but my favorite was the ballroom dance scene where nerds galore would master the art of salsa, tango, swing, and waltz, TEMPORARILY score a hot chick, maybe even marry her, only to have her abscond with the noob 6'2", ripped, good looking dudebro who showed up for one or two classes, and then leave.  And this is the exact same problem the male nerds of Silicon Valley face.

Yes, they may be making all the bank.
Yes, they may make those magical six figures.
But in the end, usually it's only the money the women are after, and even then, they're very unlikely to stay with your scrawny nerdy ass till death do you part...especially if they can take you for half.

Two, ironically the leftist policies left-leaning Silicon males vote for obsolete women's need for them.  In making sure socialist policies cover women (and men) from womb to tomb, a woman and her children (no matter from how many fathers) simply don't NEED a man.  This (if you remember your college economics class) results in a price floor set above the market rate.  Men in lefty Cali need to provide more than the STATE AND FEDERAL governments combined do to women.  This means only particularly rich or well-to-do men can out compete the state, leaving the majority of Silicon male slaves picking up the EBT tab for the woman who shot him down and is dating his boss' boss.

Three is also a vital lesson in economics male Silicon Slaves may have overlooked - a lopsided sex ratio.  While obsessed with landing a job in "the Silicon Valley," I wonder how many men thought it would be any different than their Calc III class with 45 men and 2 Asian girls?  Of course, it isn't that bad, but it isn't great either with a sex ratio of 115:100 men to women.  And if you thought a generous welfare state, affirmative action, and competition from billionaires wasn't bad enough, just wait to see how picky a Silicon female can be when there's a 15% deficit of them.

And then finally, there's the reason why rich, successful, hard working males of Silicon Valley vote against their interests and will be lining up to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton - they think agreeing with women increases their chances of getting laid.

Understand, that for the most part, young women have replaced traditional religions and values such as Christianity, family, children, husband, home, god and country, etc., with leftist politics.  I bet you'll be hard pressed to find a woman under 30, who in addition to her all-important career, does NOT derive the majority of her agency, purpose, morality, and reason in life through some kind of left-leaning political crusade or cause.

Going green.
Closing the wage gap.
Organic food.
Dog/animal rescue.
A woman in the white house.
Ending sexual harassment.
Helping the poor.
Supporting the refugees.
Etc. etc.

And in addition to this laundry list of political causes, it's very unlikely they won't shut up about them.  They will at minimum have a bumper sticker extolling their beliefs, but more likely will lecture and sermon you to death about whatever leftist religion they have.  It will be made PAINFULLY clear that politics is the number one thing in their lives - more important than love, a family, or even their career - and if you EVER hope to date her, let alone cop a feel (over the bra though mind you), you better be on board the feminism-kambucha-socialism-wage-gap substitute-for-real-meaning-in-this-world choo choo train.

The only problem is the majority of these Silicon Valley men believe it.  They actually think agreeing with a woman turns them on.

Now, look, any real man over 25 knows agreeing with women never gets you laid.
And any man married knows you never listen to what a woman says, you watch what she does.

But these aren't your normal men.  They're nerds.  They're geeks.  And love them to death, they don't know jack about women.  They've spent the past 10 years since they were 13 SOLELY working towards the goal of becoming a great engineer or programmer in the vain hopes of "finally" making it big and attracting hot women with their money.  They didn't want to hit the gym, they were afraid of physical toil and pain, and based on lies told to them by their mothers, teachers, professors, politicians, and Hollywood, they actually thought being:

Sensitive 90's men
who agree with women

would lead to sex.

It is this upbrining and their complete lack of knowledge of women I believe explains why men in Silicon Valley ignorantly vote for their own demise.  They are not only drawn to Silicon Valley because of the "excitement" of being there, or because that's all they were told in school, but because they actually think agreeing with women is what turns them on.  And since leftist politics has replaced anything of meaning or value in life for most women under 40, all men MUST agree with their new faux-religions lest they not wish to cop a coveted feel under the bra.  Little do they know a high school drop-out, Trump-supporting, motorcycle mechanic could likely come through Santa Clara county and get laid more than the lot of them.  But, why try dispensing an ounce of reality into the slave plantation of the left coast? 

Enjoy the decline my fine male Silicon Slaves.  Enjoy the decline.


Lab Guy said...

Now that I think about it, I'd rather let go of a few bucks in a poor animal like a dog than most humans.

Anonymous said...

Awesome again. My only quibble is that you forgot to factor in the rampant obesity of the females. The sex ratio discrepancy is far more than 15% because overweight women don't count. They don't belong anywhere near talks of 'sex' because they chose not to play. They chose to eat. They are out. They are not part of the statistics. Before someone says, "The guys are fat, too!" Well, for one, they're are not as fat as the women and secondly a fat guy pulling down 400k is still in the game to some extent.

jabrwok said...

Let us be very clear why civilization exists. It exists because men wanted sex.

This is where I quibble. Civilization exists not because men want sex but rather because we want to be fathers. It's a somewhat subtle distinction. Humans lived as hunter/gatherers in the Paleolithic for tens of thousands of years, wanting, and getting, sex on a regular basis.

The problem was that they had no idea that sex led to children. It seems obvious now, but why would it be obvious to a bone-through-the-nose savage? Men and women get it on regularly, but women only have children occasionally, and there's no obviously direct link between the two events.

Because women get pregnant, motherhood is naturally obvious. "Fatherhood" isn't even a matter of opinion though. It's just not part of the mental universe of early man. Once we figured it out though, men's incentives changed. Previously only women had children. Men had nephews and nieces, but so what? A part of women would live on after them, but men had no such pseudo-immortality to care about. Eat, drink, and be merry, for once you're dead, nothing else matters!

Enter fatherhood. Now, men know that they sire children. But which children? How to tell? Easy, convince, or force, women to constrain their sexuality to one man per woman. Now he and she both know the paternity of all of her children, and he now has a reason to believe that part of him will live on after he dies. Immortality of a sort. Now there IS a reason to care what happens to the rest of the tribe after he dies, and now he's willing to give up his leisure (and hunter/gatherers have a LOT of leisure) to work to make the tribe more secure and wealthier. Build walls, fight for territory, build roads, dig ditches, etc. None of which was worthwhile when men just died. All of which are worthwhile to secure immortality.

And all that work builds up to Civilization. Take away fatherhood (and the social institution that guarantees it, ie Traditional Marriage) and men will GTOW. Women won't be wives and help-meets anymore, they'll be sex toys. And so civilization will slide back into savagery.

Enjoy the Decline!

Survivorman said...

I was one of those Silicon Valley nerds, fresh out of collage in the summer of 1979!
Worked across the street from a little one-room sweatshop called "Apple Computer".
Female morbid obesity was not as popular then, but the M/F ratio seemed about 2:1 at the time, and rent and traffic were horrendous.

There was no "game" back then either - we thought that a good job and a nice car would
be enough to attract the young ladies' attention.

It didn't quite work out that way - even waaayy back then..

Bike Bubba said...

Somehow when I think of a guy thinking that money will always keep the girls a-coming, the C& W song "Little Rock" by Reba McEntire comes to mind--"but all that don't mean nothing / when you can't get a good night's loving". Coming home after 12 hour workdays doesn't leave a lot for the little woman to enjoy, sad to say.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Funny thing about abused kids that grow up, and these really are abused kids grown up that you're talking about ...

They'll do anything to find an in-group that will provide them some form of protection.

Living on the Digital Plantation with the other Microserfs is an attractive lifestyle for the nerd that got fucked with back in Hometown USA.

Some Digital Plantation nerd guy hoping that Suzie Coderdork who just moved in from Midwestern Cultural Hellhole will find solace in his mere presence has first to figure out what's been fucked up within himself before he can even begin to identify what's going to be fucked up within her.

The Cartman-sized Techno-Asshole who's pulling the G's does not have these problems.

He looks upon such urban idiocies as the Dinner Whore as an invitation to evil.

"Wait 'til this bitch gets a load of this restaurant's food -- she doesn't know I'm friends with the chef and that I've paid him to add hundreds of calories worth of pecans to every dish, even the salad ... that'll fatten her stupid bitch ass up. BEEFCAKE! BEEFCAKE!"

And so there are benefits to living in a Digital Plantation, if you are a Cartman-sized Techno-Asshole who enjoys enhancing the misery of people who are willingly going along with their own demise.

People with good mental health do not wish to stay in these places for long.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it. I live in Finland. I had high social status and lot of friends in teens. I was told by parents that being a good guy is the thing.

I started studying hard but lost my friends and social status. I am in med school and I wasted my life.

In 21st century males social status doesn't depend on your educational level.

James Wolfe said...

As an IT professional, married, separated, with children, I would have to say my career has been far more satisfying than my marriage. The work I have done has rewarded me far more than the hard work I put into my marriage. If I knew then what I know now I would have concentrated more on my career and skipped the marriage fiasco. I would have been a lot happier and wealthier.