Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Father COULD Be Reached for Comment

But he wasn't with the mother.
Nor in a nuclear family.
But his presence was completely unnecessary anyway because I'm sure all those government checks made everything perfect.


Faithless Cynic said...

Cappy, I am a landlord and recently dealt with a clone of this scum. My good, retired lady tenant let her grandson's family move into my rental " until they could find a decent place to live" Grandson is in jail, but he is innocent :-) Female has 3 kids from different fathers, the 16 year old female is pregnant already. These kids are nasty, entitled, and hated me on sight. All of these scum will eventually become full members of the free shit army.

We are Fooked. Enjoy the decline.

Brad k said...

I read the husbands reply to police what's the bet she is narcissistic and abusive I have no sympathy for her I'm deeply saddened that a boy was left to die like rubbish

liberranter said...

I wonder why the boy wasn't in his father's care?