Monday, September 12, 2016

Silicon Valley Slaves

I love it when leftists suffer at their own hand.

Female refugee workers who get raped (and don't report it because they love their politics more than themselves).

Liberal arts majors who go $150,000 in debt for a degree that is nothing more than leftist indoctrination and hatred for whites and males.

And white liberals who are stupid enough to breed white children into a world they created that is sure to hate their offspring.

It's not everyday the left is unshielded from the consequences of their actions, but it does happen.  And the Slave of Silicon Valley is another perfect example.

It's no secret young Silicon Valley executives vote democrat.  Apple's CEO's are by corporate by-law to vote democrat, you can find any one of a number of articles of tech-start up executives donating heavily to the democrat party, and matter of fact I couldn't find any Silicon Valley big wig endorsing a republican.  But the rank and file sheeple of Silicon Valley also vote overwhelmingly democrat.  A simple search of voting patterns and maps of California shows Santa Clara county consistently on the left, confirming everybody's on board the socialist A-train.

But at what cost?

The thing about Silicon Valley professionals, executives or not, is they're great at IT, but horrible at economics.  Because if they were they would realize just how little they're working for themselves, and how they're veritable slaves to others.

In 2013 the average Silicon Valley employee made $153,000.  This was of course three years ago and at the time was rapidly growing, so let's just err on the side of caution and say it's $175,000 today.  But, oh, foolish naive recent Stanford graduate.  You think that's a lot of money, don't you?  Now you get to pay for swallowing whole all the leftist BS you were fed in college.

First, the federal government is going to want its share.  That's 28% lopped right off the top for you privileged Silicon Slaves lucky enough to be making six figures.

But, wait, aren't you Silicon Slaves all young people?  That's right!  You get to pay for the old people who didn't save up for retirement AND voted to piss away any surpluses that would go to otherwise fund social security and medicare.  That's an additional 6.2% and .9% you get to pay for voting to be so charitable with other people's money.  Throw in another 1% just for good medicaid and other measures, and you're looking at a total federal take of 36.1%.

Second, please don't think it's just federal taxes you pay my fine Python programming friend!  Because since you and all the other Californians are just so much more enlightened than the rest of us troglodytes you voted in a socialist utopia of California!  And all that virtue-signalling and being charitable with other people's money also has costs!  Specially, a state income tax rate of 9.3%, which now brings up the government's take to 45.4%!  You good obedient liberal you!

But hold on our MIT graduating friend!  Third, you have local taxes! 

You see, state and local taxes are interesting.   They don't just have "income tax."  No, they have a whole potpourri of taxes you pay that make it impossible to measure.  Gas tax, fees, property taxes, you name it.  There's a tax in every corner!  But one of the larger local taxes which should account for at least a plurality of these local taxes you pay would be the state sales tax.  And look at that, it's another 9.08%.  Congratulations!  You're paying an tax rate of 54.48%!  Let's just call it 60% because I'm sure there's a couple minor taxes and fees you pay when you cross a bridge or use a paper bag.

So when we tally it all up, the average Silicon Slave forfeits 60% of his/her income to pay for state, federal, and local government services.  And I know you are all getting your money's worth over there in Silicon Valley.  Why the wide open roads, adequate transportation systems, the local of traffic jams, cheap cost of living, low tuition, affordable housing (well, for illegal aliens and welfare recipients anyway), adequately funded schools, and let's not forget that everything is so cheap out there in the Bay Area.  Why it is the epitome of socialist utopia!


You see, if you're intellectually honest you'll study the federal, state and local budgets and realize that about 70% (give or take a couple percentage points) of the money you just paid into the system...

go to pay for other people's stuff.

Their food
Their health care
Their education
Their transportation
Their psychologist
Fake-make-work government jobs
Their tuition, and
Their housing


You still get to pay for your own stuff, because, well, after all, you are a privileged Silicon Valley slave who didn't earn your position through 4 grueling years of studying IT and STEM.  It was just handed to you!  So what will that remaining $70,000 buy in Silicon Valley?

Well, I suppose you need a place to live.  Congratulations, with leftist "smart growth" policies, people's lemming mentality that "California" is the place to move, and your insistence that "you can't spend too much on education," property taxes and demand has driven rents to $2,500/month on average for just a one bedroom apartment.  Lop off $30,000 of your remaining $70,000!  And I suppose you need a car...but one that will impress your co-workers so you can keep up with the virtue-signaling rat race...hmmm, a Prius with financing should set you back about $8,000 a year in financing and maintenance costs.  And, oh, that's right, pretty much EVERYTHING is twice the cost of what it normally is in Troglodyte country, so after groceries, energy, gas, and all the basic necessities in life, you're lucky if you have disposable income of around $10,000 in effective purchasing power.

Here's the deal.  Because of all the minute and many taxes, not to mention every person is different, it's impossible to calculate to the penny just what disposable income will be, let alone what percent of the time you're literally being a slave for other people.  However, we do know, at minimum with 60% of your money being taxed and 70% of government money going to other people, you are literally a slave for 42% of your working hours.  You then have the secondary effect of leftist taxation and regulation at the state and local levels, and your $70,000 in after tax income, is really more like $35,000 when adjusted for purchasing power and cost of living adjustments.

When you add this up, I have a simple question for you:

Is it worth it?

I don't mean the money.  I know suffering Bay area traffic, taxation, and people is DEFINITELY not worth take home pay of $35,000 a year. And lord knows you Silicon Sheeple are working 60+ hours per week.  There's no way in hell THAT comes anywhere near equitable.

I'm talking about voting left all the time and by your own hand turning yourselves into slaves.  Because I don't get it.  You're some of the few students of today who actually majored in something worthwhile, yet you lack such self-respect you'll endure traffic, poor standards of living, a hellish work week, AND a 42% enslavement rate.  Was the leftist indoctrination in school so thorough?  Do you really feel guilty earning a (somewhat) decent salary after busting your ass off for 4 years in STEM or IT?  Do you think you have an obligation to bail people out of their mistakes?  And PLEASE don't tell me you suffer and endure things like "diversity training" or "sexual harassment training" at work.  Because that would make it all that much richer.

Regardless, for those of us outside of the echo chamber, it sure is fun watching you lefties vote for your own enslavement and demise.  Oh, and before you think your Silicon Valley overlords are just as magnanimous, charitable, and virtuous as you, think again.  The only ones getting duped are you Silicon Slaves.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the current situation of searching for jobs in the bay area vs. the Sierra region where I'd prefer to live. This state is hell. The left has sold the entire state away to foreigners who don't give two shits about Americans.

Chinese hire Chinese, Indians hire Indians, but if you're a white male looking for a job good luck trying to get a call back in silicon valley. I hate that my entire network is in state and I'm stuck in this golden Straitjacket of a state...

Doug Cranmer said...

I'm an engineer who have had to make similar, genuinely honest, calculations about two job offers working Toronto. I turned down both and both offering managers were absolutely clueless. How could I turn down such an "opportunity"?

I get by living simply and on contract, plus a couple of auxiliary revenue sreams. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Karl said...

Except for the few who "cash out" of a rare successful startup, everybody there is living month-to-month despite making top salaries. And rent has been going up for several years now.

Add crime to the equation too. Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco and other area cities are exploding with violent crime. So if you're not being mugged or murdered, you've likely caught some sanctuary city homeless guy shitting on the hood of your Prius.

I left CA in 2008 because of taxes, culture and gun laws. It is far worse. I can't imagine living there now.

Mr Cool said...

Yeah the other reason the Tech Industry is so Lefty is there biggest profit center is Government Contracts - Federal Contracts and Foreign Government Contracts and States, Counties and Cities. It's their biggest, easiest profit center. Remember Bill Gates and Warren Buffett saying in effect "We need to raise taxes on the wealthy" Now why would those two want to raise taxes on themselves or their own? Because their companies have Government Contracts! They gotta keep that income tax money rolling in! The more Government Spending the richer they get. You also see this with CEO's who go on CNBC and complain about "the corporate tax rate is too high" or "government regulation is bad for the economy" which may be true but I laugh as they all have (Drum Roll Please) Government Contracts!!!!! And while there talking on CNBC there sales staffs are trying to get More Government Contracts!!!! In Washington D.C for instance for every one Federal Government Job there are two workers in Corporate America working for the Federal Government. You can make an argument that the Fortune 500 have done as much or more to foster Big Government and Socialism as any far Lefty. But at least they are high paid slaves, The Suckers!

Post Alley Crackpot said...

The difference between Douglas Copeland's "Microserfs" of the 1990s and the Silicon Valley Slaves of today is that back then there was an almost aspirational myth that they could eventually get out from under the thumb of their masters with The Big Pay-Out ...

American STEM and IT guys who want to avoid this enslavement happening to them should work in places where Doing Something Else Cheaper is always an option -- avoiding Seattle, "The Bay Area", Austin, Boulder, New York, Boston, and even Chicago would do well to help maintain freedom.

Anyone with even a smidgen of would-be Alt-Right, Libertarian, or just plain old Anarcho-Fuck-You Capitalist in him should stay away from these places except for one reason ...

If you need an army of well-trained minions and you can put up with the local environment, these places have all of the minions you may ever need, and you can often import the rest.

Why else would Evil Jeff and Evil Bill hole up in a place like the Seattle metro area if it weren't chock full of relatively young and clueless STEM and IT people who will grind their balls off in order to Make It Big In IT (But Not Really)?

Why else would the likes of Evil Larry, Evil Sergey, Evil Tim, and anyone else who aspires to acquire the Evil title put up with a place like "The Bay Area" if he (or she, if she's blonde and sleeps around with Evil People) didn't benefit from the economic beat-downs given to the troops?

You can't build Evil Empires without useful idiots -- that's one thing that the Soviet Communists got absolutely right.

grey enlightenment said...

I think it's worth it. $150K is still a lot . I guess the best way to avoid taxes it to either make no income or find a way to live off capital gains . What choice to people have. It's not like we can all make a living on youtube and writing.

joel said...

I always wanted to move to the US. It's only now that I realise you have a federal tax rate of 25% plus whatever the state demands from you and FICA. People think the US is an "evil right wing country" when in reality economically it seems almost indistinguishable from Europe.

Pootie Tang said...

The reason why so many young, highly educated professionals do it is because that's where the jobs are. Sure you can probably work in IT in any city, maybe do programming in a dozen, but nowhere besides the tech hubs are the options, pay, and job satisfaction as great.

I'm a chemist and face a similar situation where most of the highest paying and prestigious jobs in my field are located in the Bay area, San Diego, and Boston (Raleigh, NC is an exception if they weren't having so many layoffs). If you want to practice my trade elsewhere, you might find a city with one, maybe a couple companies that might hire you.

I chose to work and live the midwest, because anyone who tells me I can't own a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets can FOAD. It's also a nice perk the cost of living is low and I get to keep a greater percentage of my income.

Unknown said...

Economically - the US is indistiguishable from Europe. Both are big advocates of people having a JOB - Just Over Broke. How do you keep someone in the J.O.B. demographic?

Taxes. The one thing CA - Bay Area has going for it is climate. Years ago (when I lived and worked there) it also had the Wine Countrty - the WC is still there but it's no longer free (a very few exceptions). The traffic sucked back in the 90's and it's got to be worse now. The politics sucke back in the 90's - that's definitely worse now. Oh, and you can tank Californian Progressivism for you soon to be rising cost of produce - They just passed a law requiring overtime pay for seasonal farmwork. Considering 60% of the fruit and 30% of the vegitables sold in the US come from CA - they have successfully passed a National Tax.

The hardest thing to overcome for the refugees fleeing the failing Peoples Republic of California is to not bring their fucked up leftist agendas with them. The are like a plage of locusts - they land somewhere and then turn their new home into a dustbowl before moving on to do it again.

Weak Stream said...

Do they prefer to hire Asians because, of course, they're smarter than all of us or do they want them because they are culturally more obedient?

Pulp Herb said...

I am a programmer making more than $150k and living in Atlanta where that goes a whole lot further. To get me the Bay area I'd want at least $340k.

Cap, there is one GOPer in Silicon Valley: Peter Thiel
He even spoke at the convention.

Mr. Bee said...

I live in Orange County in SoCal. Once upon a time a bastion of conservatism. Diane Feinstain lost her campaign for governor because the OC voted like 80 percent against her. She was pissed and vowed revenge. She also had lots of friends in high place. Fast forward a couple of decades and Ted Kennedy's "peace bonus" has targeted the OC aerospace industry with 250,000 OC aerospace workers losing their jobs. Two OC Marine bases are closed as well thanks to spineless Republican congress critters. Follow that up with 10 million Mexicans walking over the border and taking the vast majority of the blue collar jobs and by 2008, the OC goes for Obama. Sorry, that didn't "just happen", it was planned and executed by the left.

If the Republican party can take power and were a bunch of political eunuchs, they'd follow a similar procedure to take back the state. First, eliminate the tax deduction for houses over 1 million bucks - got to make sure the point one percent pays their fair share, right? Then deport the illegals and ban government unions. California would once again a two party state with a conservative lean.

Anonymous said...

I was a lawyer and quit to start my own internet business. It is much worse than you write.

After about five years of nearly no earnings the dotcom boom arrived and I made significant money in year six. THe top fed rate is something like 39%, social security is 12.4% (half employee half employer, both paid by self employed) medicaid/medicare is a percent or two. state income tax was 9%. itemized deductions are "phased out" by Pease (meaning they become partially unavailable to you) pushing the effective federal top rate to 45% or so. You lose eligibility for financial aid for your children and pay the rack rate for college in cash. Total about 68% marginal tax rate. (not totally true b/c social security ends after a certain level, but medicaid Pease and $200,000 degree bills continue).

I suspect you are thinking, that's a problem I'd like to have. Maybe not. In the low to middle six figure income in an expensive city, it is the same rat race, only you can fund your 401K and go on nice vacations. Dotcom bust came and I never made as much again but it is great working for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I work inside a major tech firm Headquartered in Si Valley (but I dont work at that site in Si Valley), and it is unbelievable what is going on. In short, its some Orwellian nightmare complete with CEO/Executive mandated "affirmative action" -- preferential treatment with respect to hiring, retention, and promotions for certain ethnicities (blacks, hispanics, Native Americans) and women of any race . We now have transgender bathrooms and virtual 'safe spaces'. The company has gone through layoffs the last couple years that have targeted older employees, which, due to demographics, tend to be older male White and Asian employees. Very recently, there was a female black executive who helps run the company 'diversity' program who made a disparaging remark against those in the company who have spoken out with reasonable arguments (e.g. reverse discrimination) against this program in the company blogs. The company has been taken over with Progressive leadership -- there were more Conservative minded leaders in the company who left in the last couple years via force or voluntarily and a few made comments the company was not headed in the right direction -- and morale and productivity is down. But I guess in their minds, who cares -- the ends justify the means! They are pushing their agenda of 'transformation' with many recent hires with a heavy mandate on their targeted races/gender -- some of whom clearly have a SJW-mindset but are weak in experience and execution -- to back them up, often pushing emotional-based, if not 'fact'-distorted propaganda for their cause! It's a bit a frustrating place to work if you are of a Conservative or Libertarian mindset. In my mind and a few others internal of the same mindset who I discuss this with, the ground is fertile for a possible 'reverse' discrimination lawsuit. I dont think such a thing will happen successfully (at this company or another major Si Valley firm that is doing the same thing) unless Trump gets in and fights back against all of the Progressive Cronyism at the top. This whole thing at the company I work for started a few years ago with the involvement of Jesse Jackson ... so you know there is some influence/involvement from the Feds (our CEO softly admitted such in the past year) of what is going on. If things continue down this road, I see this company continuing to struggle and miss its numbers and the stock suffer. yes, they can ride the gravy train provided from past ingenuity for so long, but eventually the loss of talent and experience is going to bite them. And all the knowledge of 'social engineering' and SJW'ing isn't going to help design competitive products in a timely manner that help foster better revenue, better lifestyles, and a higher stock price (well I guess the Fed and big banks can continue to pump up the stock market for a few more years, as well as the income flowing into our markets from worse off economies like in Europe). I could go on and write a thesis on what I've seen and experienced in the last couple years. But I'll wrap this up as I think the above gives readers a general idea. We clearly are getting very close to the cliff. Trump 2016!

Anonymous said...

High cost of living bias and sadistic working hours in places like New York City, San Francisco, and DC ruins the real world value of economics, computer science, and political science degrees. Even if the salaries are real, and for a lottery winner minority they are, their context is so warped that they're meaningless on the spot, before even factoring in the expense of education.

California isn't even so diverse anymore. It's becoming more and more generic Hispanic and everyone else is leaving. Literal diversity would actually demand affirmative action for white people now, but "diversity" is now explicitly anti-white and even women are open targets. They can lure naive Asians and yuppies there for now, to keep things running, but that's not going to hold up forever. California is the college education of American states!

I wouldn't be surprised if there are now enough ex-Californian alt-right sympathizers who could swing the Pacific Northwest to Trump. They're a different kind of migrant than the earlier ones who went to Colorado. Aggressive single party states boil off the remaining opposition to everywhere else where things still matter and then collapse into pointless infighting.

Even the overrated climate isn't so nice for historical Americans under the age of 70. Whites like the Northwest and blacks like the South.

Anonymous said...

What has always baffled me is how these leftards with STEM degrees or in a field where they actually do something useful vote for leftist douchebags with worthless degrees like law, poly sci, and history.

Robert What? said...

So why do Silicon Valley big shots vote Liberal Democrat?

Anonymous said...

"What has always baffled me is how these leftards with STEM degrees or in a field where they actually do something useful vote for leftist douchebags with worthless degrees like law, poly sci, and history. " -- well some of these companies have some of these 'leftist douchebags' in positions of high power (such as an anthropologist who is a "self described 'radical feminist' " -- see link below) . Go figure how they got there. Guess the idea is these types can 'communicate better' or know how to make products that are 'more touchy/feely' and will therefore be purchased by a larger segment of the population. Or maybe someone(s) is strategically putting these types in positions of power for more sinister reasons?

Anonymous said...

While reading this stuff is great entertainment for us Troglodytes, I wish it wouldn't get published, because some of those morons might actually pay attention and move elsewhere. Let's just leave them to their own demise and not promote escaping the mess they think is wonderful!!

Jay said...

As a young intern in New York who made $80k gross annualized, there's plenty enough disposable income even if it's not what you're thinking. 33% to income taxes, so $53k leftover. Rent is $1500 a month with a roommate so annualized that's 18k, 35k leftover. I found myself spending $1000 a month on other necessities like transportation, food, dining (For ass kissing), etc. That then leaves 23k leftover. Yeah it's not a ton of money saved but it's still a lot for a young 21 year old male. P.S. you probably want to save that instead of going out and partying and spending a lot on alcohol (and taxes associated with that) and still not getting laid, and consumption (and taxes associated with that too).

If you go to New Hampshire or somewhere else with a low cost of living and low taxes, you're still gonna save similar amounts with a much lower compensation so it evens out in the end. But unfortunately you don't have upper mobile opportunity so you might as well stick it out in the liberal dystopia.

Anonymous said...

Money is just a representation of time worked. That's what everyone forgets. So basically 'free time' actually has a monetary value as well, in a sense. So zero free-time should actually also be considered as yet another debit. A huge one at that Guys working 60+ and commuting for 10-15 (maybe, maybe not) plus working out for 6-8 hours a week (standard physically grooming that is a MUST do) plus healthy levels of sleep (another MUST do) and you are left with almost no free time. If a kid gobbles up another 20 hours a, good luck to you.

65 hours of work
10 hours of commuting
6 hours of working out
2 hours of grooming
56 hours of sleep
15 hours with your kid
10 random must do's
7 hours eating

=171 hours

total hours in a week=168

The greatest scam that the US gov't pulled on its citizens is to trick them into thinking that money has value. It is only a representation of time (Thanks Cappy). No one even discusses 'mobility' which is something that I value quite a lot. My idea of compensation is a combination of;

--free time

98% of Americans view compensation as such'