Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ah, There's Your Problem

Happened upon this as I was cleaning out my old computer files;


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. Would adding you to my blogroll be in any way insulting :) ? Also, couldn't help but notice the Cowboy Bebop image. Great stuff there - one of my all time favourites.

Save Capitalism

Captain Capitalism said...

Sure, go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone pointing this out, Cap'n.

I remember coming across a stat some years ago to the effect that the US had (at the time) fully 70% of the world's lawyers. I can't remember what the lawyer-per-thousand-population figures were for the US and Japan, but they were orders of magnitude different.

(Japan - must have been in the 80s that I read this.)

And to think that the greenies worry about America's per capita energy consumption and think THAT'S a problem ....

Hot Sam said...
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