Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lamest... Christmas... Present.... Ever


The people who actually buy this thing and give it to somebody as a gift are those people who hand out fruit and apples to kids on Halloween.

I can only see buying this as a means to insult a liberal friend and make them eat their own medicine.

In the meantime, do your children, friends and family a favor and don't buy them that "green card."

Buy them this instead.

(Because what kid doesn't love a book on economics?)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Costanza donation to the "Human Fund".

Breton Man said...

The book is on my Christmas list. Have you topped Nancy Pelosi yet?

Anonymous said...

That green gift would appear to be an environmental equivalent to a lump of coal.

Mark Adams said...

The "Human Fund" bit was my first reaction, but then a morsel of critical thinking revealed the reason normal Americans are better people than liberals:

Normal, ethical people give to charities like St. Jude's or Jerry's Kids or Shriners' Hospitals or any of the myriad charitable organizations that -- purely through the goodwill of right-thinking Americans giving the hard-won fruits of their labours -- exist to actually help the down-trodden, to cure cancer or muscular dystrophy or let crippled kids walk again.

Liberals just practise corporate welfare to feel better about the Marianas-sized holes at the centre of their souls. Nobody's life is improved by this, but the added pain and suffering of artificially-bloated energy prices trickles down to hurt everyone (except people already as rich as Al Gore), and the continued, manufactured crisis is then used as political leverage to get more Obamas elected.

(The ultimate in irony: the same hippies will then, in classic leftist NIMBY hypocrisy, ensure that the wind plants never get built, or at least turned on.)