Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is Why You Can't Trust the Media

They're a bunch of losers, the losers from high school who couldn't unhinge a bra, let alone have the skill to do it with one hand, and need I mention their inability to ever get into AP calculus?

And now, the only thing they can do, is abuse their power/position to feign some farce of being some kind of unbiased institution with the genuine interest of the truth and the health of the country at heart, when in reality they are nothing but shills and socialism whores willing to pimp themselves out.

And they wonder why subscriptions are tanking.


Hot Sam said...

When Bill Clinton won the election in 1992, the PBS/NPR news crew openly cheered on camera.

It's bad enough that private corporations with a political agenda allow their bias to affect their reporting, but when my tax dollars are being used to fund leftist propaganda, it makes me sick.

Hot Sam said...

In the two weeks before the election, we kept hearing about this "Bradley Effect" whereby white voters would allegedly express support for a black candidate in a poll, but punch the chad for a white candidate on election day.

Aside from that being a total misrepresentation of the "Bradley Effect," the media reported in three sources at the very moment Obama went over the top that the "Bradley Effect" was a myth.

In fact, the reason voters in California rejected Bradley was because he threw his support behind a strong gun control law. His own advisors, who supported the law, warned him that if he did so it would kill is election.

So much for timely reporting of facts.

Andrew L said...

But then, based on your virginity by major chart from a few days back, there probably weren't all that many kids in AP calculus who could unhinge a bra either.

Matt said...

The beauty of a free market. You can stick it to the maggots that don't give you what you want. Just don't buy or watch it :)

and they wonder why Fox, the least biased, is doing so well...