Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toxic Wife AKA "Trophy Wife Economics"

I wrote about Toxic Wives in the past, but referred to it as "Trophy Wife Economics."

Freaking hilarious to see not just the greedy scum bag business"men" who couldn't make a dime in profit, but to see their gold-digging wives actually having to face the prospects of finding (dun dun dunnnnnn)



Lesson to be learned;

Always lease a depreciating asset. Never buy.


Chris said...

It occurs to me that a prenuptial agreement serves as a sort of Mendoza line with respect to the intelligent of rich guys with trophy wives. If you don't have one you likely didn't have much business being rich in the first place as you couldn't even go out and get competent advice on how to manage that status.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty amusing to see in print, and yet, no surprise.

"Behind the Housing Crash" that your book?


Yeah,...the captain sounds much cooler than Aaron Clarey.

ha, ha, ha, ha...

Anonymous said...

How you find this and write about this is great...
Changing my mind about you... Time to buy your book... but also agree with your comment of rent vs buy...After my difforce i "dated" (mutually beneficial arrangement)the hottest brazilian lady for two years... compared to the divorce the cost was nothing....

Captain Capitalism said...

Well buy the book! You think this is good writing, I just write without edit on my blog. The book is arguably my finest writing ever.

Anonymous said...

Some States won't enforce prenuptial agreements because it is "not in the interest of the woman"...

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the
World's Most Expensive Whores
are only available for purchase, not rental.


Might you say that these toxic wife marriages are really more like a 99-year lease with serious cancellation penalties?

I would submit that these overpriced harlots were not 'bought' as much as leased, since continued payments were necessary to maintain possession.

If they actually purchased, per se, then they would not/could not leave.

Renting beats leasing in this case anyway.


Even if these sociopathic little strumpets find another rich ayhole to date, the 'new guy' is going to know their game. They can put out like the mechanical bull at Gilley's, but there will not likely be any more rings for these gals.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is just sick and wrong. Where the hell are their hearts?

The Big Seester

Bike Bubba said...

Nah, don't be afraid to buy. Just make sure that you can have fun in a ten year old sedan with 150,000 miles on the odometer, and that she loves you as much at Burger King and hanging sheetrock as she does at Chez Panisse or in the ballroom.

You lose the gold-diggers pretty quick that way.

Anonymous said...

Bike Bubba,

Hey big spender! Burger King is pretty KLASS-ay as far as I'm concerned - White Castle is the true proof of love over avarice.

(Or wicked stoner cravings...)

The Big Seester

Anonymous said...

It is kind of interesting that a grown man with abilities to manage prosperous business is not responsible or capable enough to know what he gets into with certain kind of partners.

And so that you know: being toxic is not a capability only women can possess, men are equally capable of that as well.