Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arianna Huffington Post

I'm going to explain this to you all so you understand.

Posers like Arianna Huffington have to rely on people aside from themselves to make themselves relevant.

Arianna, if memory serves me correctly, was married to a REPUBLICAN politician and then upon divorce all of the sudden decided to become a raging liberal. Was this because she genuinely believed in socialism?

No, of course not.

It was merely expedient and self-serving to her. She could find a career in socialism even though she genuinely may not have believed in it.

Just like Hillary Clinton, former college Republican, didn't believe in socialism either.
Her husband cheats on her, and unlike her intellectually honest feminist brethren, she sticks with the infidel none the less for political purposes even though deep down in side I'm willing to bet she damn well knows capitalism is the only way to go. Ergo, this the point I'm trying to make; these people are posers.

You must understand that not only do these people have no substance on their own, but therefore must parasite off of others. Their primary motivation is nothing as noble as "informing the people" or "advancing the rights of women" as much as it is "putting money in Arianna's/Hillary's pocket book" under the guise of "women's rights" or "social justice." And in this regard I truly pity their followers.

Did you really believe all the BS on the Huffington Post? Did you believe the founder had some kind of intellectual, ideological strain in common with you?

You fools!

You're just as dupable as Republicans who believed Bush would be a conservative.

You have to understand the Arianna Huffington is basically an old hag version of Paris Hilton.

No intelligence.

No ability.

No substance.

But, boy does she like other people's money...because...well...she certainly can't make any of her own.

She is a fraud and a fake.

And, as free markets are prone to do, they have proven it.

She now has to rely upon charity and handouts because she is not genuine, she is not real, she is a charlatan. She has to rely upon handouts, just like the scum bag wall street investment banker brigade has to rely upon tax dollars to bail her out.

Now I don't expect things like free markets and competition to permeate the minds of leftists any time soon. Nor could I ever hope to dream of leftists seeing the merits and benefits of such ideals.

All I'm pointing out is that your "queen bee" needs a subsidy because she couldn't cut it on her own. And maybe, just maybe, politics aside, you might want to consider why that is.


Anonymous said...

And worst yet, she doesn't contribute to GDP! Hehehe

Hot Sam said...

What you describe is the difference between leadership and 'political prostitution.' Instead of doing what needs to be done they're telling people what they want to hear.

The trouble with leadership is that it must possess the authority to lead. If people are too stupid, ignorant or selfish to recognize truth, leadership is futile.

You can lead a cow up a flight of stairs, but you can't lead it down.

The question is why do we have so many cows upstairs? Subprime borrowers, Fannie Mae, and the UAW are examples of cows.

Bike Bubba said...

The big problem I've got with this idea is that if I assume that liberals actually know things don't work, they are not just "posers". They are sociopaths.

Let's think about it. Imagine you're Obama or Clinton. You know what you propose doesn't work, and you know it's created the projects and slums of Chicago, New York, and elsewhere. You know it's killing thousands of young men every year, and putting hundreds of thousands more in jail. Millions of people suffer because you can't clue into what Pat Moynihan said 45 years ago about AFDC.

If you are indeed correct, Cap'n, Obama has a little more in common with a "lesser spirit being" than with the Messiah, if you catch my drift.

Anonymous said...

Clinton wasn't in College Repubs, she was in the Barry Goldwater Club or something like that, according to the girl I'm dating who works for her.

Which is actually worse when you think about it - Barry would have been against all this a lot more than the current Repubs are.