Friday, November 07, 2008

Go! Quick! Do It Now!!!!

So it's snowing a little bit here in Minnesota, but nothing compared to the three feet of snow they received in my favorite town in the world, Rapid City, South Dakota. And I figure since it's the weekend and the snow is here and only more is on the way, wouldn't it be nice to stoke up a nice warm fire, have some Rumpleminze infused hot coffee, and then snuggle up on your favorite comfy couch and read a book?

Of course, which book should you read? There are many to choose from.

But how about a heart warming tale of a renegade banking analyst who fought, vainly, but valiantly against the entrenched forces of corrupt management to fend off the inevitable collapse of the housing market? An epic saga of a dashing (and handsome!) hero who through hard work, diligent research, and a little bit of X-Box 360 gamage was able to foretell the crash in housing prices and the effect it would have on the economy. A childhood bedtime story written so well, it has been known to cure children of measles and bronchitis without the aid of antibiotics.

Fortunately such a book exists and was conveniently written by me!

"Behind the Housing Crash" is guaranteed to give you warm fuzzies as the full forces of winter are upon us. You'll cuddle up with your beloved and regale yourself with stories of bribed appraisers, pathetic, crying middle aged men, IRS raids and more!

You'll laugh.

You'll cry.

You'll cheer.

And you'll (more than likely) yell.

But most importantly, you'll be supremely educated about the housing market...and your child cured of the measles.

But you better buy quick, and do it now. The snow is upon us. So go here, order it! Now! Do it NOW!!! Otherwise you'll be snowbound at home, cuddled up around a fire with Rumpleminze and a child with measles and no book to read!


Alfred T. Mahan said...

Sounds as boring as dog turds, actually.

Whay not read something really exciting and interesting? Like, say, how the Japanese got smashed at Midway?

Or how the United States Navy, over the course of fifty years, figured out how to beat the crap out of Japan?

Much more interesting and exciting than boring old economics; both books are chock-full of explosions, guns and bombs, aircraft carriers and other warships, snappy uniforms...everything your book no doubt lacks.

Michael Ryan said...

Sounds like fun, but I had been thinking about reading Waiter Rant instead. Actually, they sound kind of similar. It would be easier to settle in though if it weren't 75 outside.

Anonymous said...

Ordered it the other day from the amazon. Hasn't come yet (I'm too cheap to pay for shipping).

Important question: is it scratch & sniff? I really want to SMELL the fear of the bankers!

I'll let you know what I think once I have read it.

The Big Seester

Anonymous said...

OK Captain. I have done as you commanded and purchased the book.

Is it true what they say? Will Obama make sure that some of that money gets "spread" around to those who are less "privileged" than you?


CapitalBabs said...

couldn't help but laugh when I decided I was too tired to concentrate on reading much but that while I was relaxing in the candlelight with my Godiva Chocolate Liqueur infused hot chocolate and cuddled up on the couch in my pajamas, I would take the opportunity to check out the Captain's latest posting..


Anonymous said...

Not snowing here, but I am about to kick back and read your book anyway. Sure can't read the Economist anymore if its off the junior deputy economist curriculum..