Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Sugar

It used to be Big Oil, now it's BIG SUGAR!

President Obama better launch a congressional investigation into the price of sugar! Why those big sugar companies with their obscene profits are conspiring to increase the price of sugar, making us all suffer!

You know what we should do!? We should "boycott sugar for a day!" That'll show those big sugar companies whose...uh...boss for and that way, they'll just..uhh...wait for us to buy more the very next day.


JaimeRoberto said...

I'd be happy if we'd just drop subsidies and protectionist tariffs in imported sugar. But then once government starts paying for our health care they will have to drive the price of sugar back up to nudge us away from our bad habits.

Steve P said...

I'm all for capitalism, but is get's very daunting trying to avoid being exploited and cheated by so many industries. A fair profit is just fine with me, but there are usery and extortion laws in this country that many companies and individuals break daily.

Milton Hayek said...

Let me just second Jaime Roberto, the government manipulates the price of sugar (among many, many other food items).