Wednesday, August 05, 2009

No, Wisconsin People ARE That Universally Bad at Driving

A Public Service Announcement from the Captain

(cue PSA music)

I just wanted to let my Minnesotan brethren know that apparently what we thought was untrue;

Wisconsin people do NOT come to our state and drive slow on purpose just to piss us off.

They do it all over.

They reason why?

They're really bad drivers.

Just an observation I've had driving through the various states on vacation.

So don't take it personally. Understand they're just a little slow on the road here, in other states, and in general, just a little slow.

You may continue on with your day now.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Having lived in WI for about 20 years, I can certainly attest to that. I seem to remember a guest on Letterman (years ago when he was less of a douche) who was a truck driver said the same thing. Most f'd up road system has to be Eau Claire.

Wisconsinite said...


Dr Bob said...

Actually being born and raised in Wisconsin, I think many Wisconsinites do not exceed the speed limits by much because they fear the State Patrol.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is one of those agencies that enforces the speed limits tightly as in "55 means 55". I don't know the cost of fines now, but when I was a young adult, those speeding tickets were quite painful (although I never got one myself).

I think the ones in the Milwaukee to Chicago corridor are a bit more quick.

The MSP is not so anal as the WSP and South Dakota, except around Sioux Falls I think you have to work pretty hard to get a ticket.

Scott said...

Many, many years ago, when I lived in West Bend, WI, my first wife and I took a road trip to Kentucky. Everywhere we went, people moved out of the left lane for faster traffic, right up until we got back into Wisconsin.

However, more recently, I spend a lot of time driving between Janesville, WI, and Rockford, IL on I90. While vehicles with Wisconsin tags are awful drivers, by and large, the most frustrating drivers around me are sporting Minnesota tags. Hanging out in the left lane, not able to maintain a steady speed, changing lanes into traffic, and not matching traffic speed. Oh, yeah, Minnesota drivers. Sorry, just what I see.

Bike Bubba said...

Don't you mean "Cheeseheads," not "Wisconsin people"? :^)

Go Pack! (at least when they're not playing Da Bears)

Anonymous said...

Not to defend the Cheeesheads but I think the Wisc Hwy Patrol has trained them. If I recall they give tickets driving more than a couple MPH over the speed limit. That said I still was able to avoid a ticket while driving 100mph average to get from Chicago to St Paul for my brother's concert in Macalaster. I was young and foolish and would not recommend anyone trying to repeat it. Got there with 5 minutes to spare though

Probably a lot of Wisconsin drivers complaining about Minnesotans thanks to me.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Saint Paul all of my life and we see a lot of wisconsin plates here however there not bad at all. They stick to the speed limit and drive like normal people

It's sad cause there's always some dbag with mn plates that purposely act like idiots to the Wisconsinites

But id have to say some wisconsites drive fast. All the time I see some old school chevy with Wisconsin plates flying down 94 so I gotta disagree with ya bud

Unknown said...

I'm 45 and have lived in Rice Lake, WI now for 13yrs and have never in my life seen worse drivers than here. I've lived all over the U.S. and Wisconsin takes 1st prize as far as BAD drivers go!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Speeding, tailgaiting (no BBQ involved), can't stay in their lane BAD. Just got passed on the right on a single lane road through the middle of town. I was only doing 5 over. Not fast enough I guess. Did I mention "PASSED ON THE RIGHT"?

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you. Recently a WI cheese head accused me of a hit and run. The dork likely hit me and then pulls up beside me and never said a word. I get the green left arrow to turn and the jerk makes an illegal left turn from the right lane and follows me to get my out of state license plate and then calls the local Barnie Fife city police on me. They come into the apartment building and do a search of the underground parking garage without any search warrant and then come to my apartment to tell me my car had been damaged. Totally surprised me. I turned it over to a lawyer and will likely sue the Barnie Fife police department too. I also plan on hauling the other driver into court and make them prove it. No insurance claim and the dork just did it because they know they can get by with it.