Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Town Hall Protesters

Democrats should set aside their arrogance and disdain calling the town hall protesters "mobs" or "un-american" or "nazi's" and heed some simple math. They may not like the math, but it will test their ability to heed reality over their addiction to power. I'm betting they won't heed reality because they like power too much, and thus I can make this post without the worry they might actually listen and will condemn themselves nonetheless.

First off you must understand the basic paradox between leftists and conservatives as it pertains to protesting. Understand that it is the core nature of "leftism" or "socialism" to get government funds to finance whatever programs are desired. That IS the bona fide definition of "socialism;" government financing. Ergo it is part of the genetic code, its core operation to get money from the taxpayers by having the government take it via taxation. Therefore it's just a daily duty of entities like ACORN, the SEIU, the teacher's unions, etc. to lobby the government for more financing.

However, with conservatives it is not the same. Conservatives, by and large, go and actually PRODUCE something of value and in turn sell it to people who willingly part with their money in the private sector.

The doctor does surgery and gets paid willingly by the person who needs his appendix removed.

The burger flipper makes a Big Mac and is willingly paid by the person who loves that awesomely bad, yet heavenly tasting food.

The mechanic fixes your car, and you willingly pay him to replace your transmission.

Now this is a broad brush I am painting and it's not to say there isn't a doctor who is a leftist or a burger flipper who is a capitalist, but the larger point is that by its definition, it is the nature of the job of leftist to protest and lobby for more government money as there is no other way they would be employed.

This, however, presents a paradox to those of a more capitalist nature. Their jobs have really nothing to do with the government. They don't get their money from the taxpayer, they get it by producing something of value in this society and then selling it to the people who want it. Therefore, it is NOT part of their job to go and protest/lobby for more money. But what does that say if they DO come out and protest, and this is the point I'm trying to make.

Congressmen, senators and politicians of the democrat (and republican) stripe, listen to me, even though you won't.

I know you think that the "masses" want socialism as much as you do or your professional "constituents" do and you think these "town hall protesters" are just a bunch of loonies. But what you seem to fail to realize is that (and here's the math)

1 conservative/capitalist/republican/libertarian protester

equals about

25 liberal/leftist/socialist protesters

The reason why is simple;

We're too busy working and actually producing something of value to bother bitching and whining for more money unlike your leftists protesters who are too damn lazy to get real jobs and support themselves. We don't need the government. Matter of fact, the only thing we really want is for you to leave us alone so we can go and work and enjoy our lives. Therefore if we do come out and protest, you have MAJORLY effed up and better listen up.

Now I know most of the socialists in congress will not listen, but allow me to compare and contrast;

One of the protesters they've been interviewing is this 35 year old mom. Of all the different protesters, she said something that struck a cord with me and makes my point;

To go to the town hall meeting she and her husband had to do it on vacation and on their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Now if you compare this to these idiotic ACORN protesters, who are obviously not supporting themselves and living on daddy's dime (while not doubt claiming to be "independent" women)

You'll see that one is really an adult who is a contributing member to society, and the others are just effing morons who should never be allowed to vote, at MINIMUM not heeded or listened to when they come in and ask for free health care. The larger point is that the working mom HAD TO TAKE TIME OFF FROM WORK. In otherwords there is a silent majority who just plain don't have the time or the luxury to take off and protest, unlike their socialist counterparts who do.

Another reason why you should heed the 25/1 ratio is that conseravtives/capitalists/libertarians, etc. do not have PAID PROTESTERS.

I couldn't believe it when I first heard it, but upon visiting my girlfriend one time at her office, I saw a bunch of really old protesters protesting in the parking lot adjacent to her office building. I asked her "what are they protesting?"

She said, "Well the company that is in that building is a munitions manufacturer and they're protesting them for making ammunition."

"Why are they so old (they were 60+)?"

"They're paid to protest."

Only leftists could come up with something as dishonest as PAID PROTESTERS (though I will admit I can see some more obscure religious nut job outfits doing this, but the larger point being the left has a monopolgy on the "paid protesting" industry). The larger point being again, if one side of the political spectrum has to resort to PAYING protesters, it just dilutes the value of their protest. Remember you're not paid by the protester, you're paid by the vote.

And finally, why you may want to heed some of these people, with unemployment at 9.4%, people who were otherwise employed and producing, are now unemployed and pissed. And NOW they actually have the time to go and voice their demands whereas previously they couldn't. Worse for you still, they may even have the time to educate themselves about the economy, the housing crisis and how we got here and boy, are they going to get pissed when they find out not only did you BAIL OUT THE CRIMINALS, and AT YOUR CHILDRENS' expense, but now you're going to increase their taxes by another 10-15% GDP.

So look, here's the deal.

I know you've been constantly bombarded by protesters of the leftist stripe. Probably 90% of the protests, e-mails, calls, etc., are for pro-leftist causes. But you have to understand that the reason that is, is because that's how leftists make their money - government financing. It's also their job, to protest and lobby for more money. The remaining (I'd estimate) 70% of the population is out there WORKING FOR A LIVING AND DON'T HAVE TIME TO BEG FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. And when it comes to the point that you've pushed and pushed, and taken more and more of their money (not to mentioned mortgaged their children's future) and you then ask for a nationalized health care system that only fringe leftists want, you've pushed them past the brink and they will come out and protest. You've effectively made it not worth working any more.

And then you insult them, the people who actually produce all the wealth in this nation, the people who carry the non-productive classes' weight in this world by calling them "nazi's" and "un-American?"

Hoo hoo!!!

I used to think the American people were so stupid and ignorant about government finances that Obama would win another term, but by you impoverishing them, indebting them and then INSULTING THEM, there might actually be hope they wake up and see what arrogant, elitist, spoiled brat, preppy, trust fund baby bastards you really are.

Again, that ratio is 25 to 1. Try not to forget it, if you can swallow it.


Anonymous said...

I reluctantly attended a "Tea Party" a few months ago. Like me, the crowd was folks that never publicly protest anything. Boring, old, well dressed, unexciting folks who would rather be tending their lives than dithering around with politics. They'll gladly disappear back into the woodwork if our elective representatives start behaving like adults. A solution that's simple yet the last one considered.

CBMTTek said...

Things I find amazing about the astroturf protesting

1. Dems want us to believe that being well dressed, holding hand made signs, and behaving yourselves means you are NOT a grass roots movement. But, showing up in uniform, holding professionally printed signs, and "getting in people's faces" means you are.
2. Posting ads on Craigslist looking for people to earn money while working for social change is not in any way astroturfing.
3. The Republicans are evil Nazis, even though the defacto head of the Republican Party never sent an e-mail to contributors asking them to get out at least one day in August and shout down the opposition, nor has the GOP ever requested that people report fishy things. Oh, and why the push to Organize, organize, organize. It is almost as if they are trying to create an elite class. Either you are with us, or against us.

and my personal favorite.
4. How many swastikas were there at protests prior to Pelosi's announcement? I only saw a single picture of one, and it had a red circle/slash through it. Funny how now every anti reform protest has a bunch of swastikas and Hitler stuff. Wonder if there is a bit of street theater going on?

Dr. Bob said...

Everything that the Democrats have accused those who oppose them of doing, are exactly what the Democrats and their thugs have been doing.

Everytime Obama opens his mouth about the plan and how those who oppose it have been misleading, is a time where he himself lying and misleading.

Another example is how the Demos accuse the Republican party with astroturfing, when the Democrats are doing it and the Republicans can't semm to organize a two car parade.

Democrats accuse the opposition to be Nazis, meanwhile SEIU, ACORN and the Democratic machine are actually denying the opposition's right to speak.

Democrats have claimed the protesters had posters of swastikas at several events, when only the only one that the press saw was actually brought in by an Obama thug.

And gee, the left wing and Demos constantly abused President Bush by calling Bush-Hitler and Chimpy-Bush but they complain when anyone who draws the comparison of Obama's methods, strategy, propaganda and arrogance with those of dictators like Stalin and Hitler.

There are no boundaries for the unlimited hypocrisy of the Democratic party.

Ed Kohler said...

Interesting theory. It would be interesting to test it against unemployment data by voting district to see if it holds up. Personally, I got a kick out of the report on minnpost about right-wingers who stormed McCollum's office to ask healthcare questions. She happened to be at her don's wedding at the time so the yelled at a staffer instead. One of these 1:25's explained that she was a retired federal goverment employee with government healthcare. She said the program worked well for her.

It seems like the protestors tend to be paranoid libertarians rather than people concerned about their own health.