Saturday, August 01, 2009

"Spirit of Innovation Key to the Future"

God, you got to love this.

In his typical pretty-pony-saying-pretty-words-way Obama says "the spirit of innovation is key to the future."

Well, what precisely is the "key to innovation" then?

Oh, that's right, the massive profits that come with those innovations that he has since criminalized.

They just can't think two dominoes ahead of of what the consequences are of their actions.

Brilliant job, O.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there will be plenty of innovation - the problem is it won't be the kind of innovation that raises our GDP, standard of living or quality of life.


a) innovative methods to escape BHO's brutal tax increases,

b) innovation by investment banks to maximize profits through the trading of energy credits and carbon offsets from cap and trade

c) innovation to find ways around rapidly expanding government controls over every facet of our lives.

d) innovation to find hiddlen ways of redirecting government spending to those who helped elect BHO,

e) new mechanisms to tax the productive and redistribute assets tp those who aren't productive.

f) new techniques to steal elections.

I'm sure there are more.

Anonymous said...

President Obama comes across like a nerdy know-it-all pol sci graduate student. He has an answer for everything no matter how convoluted their rationale and reasoning. What is needed is more common-sense grounding and a whole lot more experience.

For a guy that never was involved in business, it is amazing how much more he knows than those who have been involved in it for decades.

Danny L. McDaniel
lafayette, Indiana