Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Argue Against Socialism and Defend Capitalism is Now Available

Howdy All,

After some editing and some serious crash coursing in MS Movie Maker my speech, "How to Argue Against Socialism and Defend Capitalism" is now available online.

This speech is quite simply A MUST for all people who believe in free markets, capitalism, freedom and true progress. It is unique (in my humble opinion) in that it is the only one of its kind where it comprehensively covers not just the logical and philosophical arguments for capitalism, but also provides your everyday person with the empirical data that supports capitalism. It also delves into the leftist mind with insights that help you understand where the left is coming from and how to engage them when debating with them.

Understand that this is the entire speech in its original format. It was taped professionally and will be aired on TV in the future, but this "professional version" will be an abbreviated version of it. I wanted to make sure the ENTIRE 2 hour 10 minute version was available in that there are many different aspects to this debate that need addressing and I wanted to cover them all.

It is a LONG seminar, but understand that in those short 2 hours and 10 minutes, you will be armed with an immense amount of data, as well as a strategic understanding of the psychology of the left that you will be immeasurably more capable of arguing for free markets, low taxes, freedom and liberty. More importantly I review different economic resources you can go to where by you can research and investigate on your own.

To download the video click here and do the "save as" thing (many thanks to FRANK! for hosting it!)

It is 237 MB so it may take a bit to download, but as always with some of my lengthier works, this will grant you the time to pour yourself a martini, light up a cigar and get comfy in your recliner.

Also, it would mean the world to me if you could mention this not only to your friends, but to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or somebody out there that has a little more pull than me. I ask this not for the attention, but as you will see the data and concepts in this speech really are that good, and the more people we can get to see this speech, the better armed we will be in fighting the forces of socialism in this country.

Many thanks!

El Cap-i-tan

PS-People have been asking if I can burn a copy to disk and mail if they pay a couple bucks it as they are having troubles downloading. Yes, please e-mail me at, I don't know what postage costs, but I'll charge $10 or so for the postage and my hassle.

PPS-A reader was kind enough to convert it to You Tube and here is the link if you prefer it that way.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your efforts,

and it would be a sheer delight to get you a name-drop or even a cameo on Fox--all I can think of is just sending emails to Beck and Rush, etc.

Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I can't get it to download, I'm guessing because I have an apple.

I click on the download icon and it just returns me to the page.

Exit questions: Is there any way to purchase a hard copy from you? Is there any way to put it on youtube?



Unknown said...

Is there a transcript available?

Drew said...


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Watched it last night through and through and immediately I'm feeling better about my stance.

Too many times those sitting right of centre, or even centre on the political spectrum have been faced with an angry pink faced liberal... And well, there has been many many times I've balked or just avoided a potentially politically hazardous situation. Have I conceded my point, no? But did I feel prepared to throw the first stone, no.

Now. It's a lot different of a story.

I still have to tread lightly as my social circle is riddled with hidden political agenda and stances. But next time I ever feel an opportunity. I am ready.

Thank you Captain!

Captain Capitalism said...


Many thanks!!!

I appreciate the effort.


Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Logical,

Unfortunately no, certainly feel free to listen to it though.


Anonymous said...

You can try for free file sending up to 100 MB.

Hot Sam said...

The best way to penetrate the thick skull of a socialist is like this.

The good Colonel had a Smith and Wesson BodyGuard with a shrouded hammer.

I've got a S&W Centennial which is "hammerless" in .357 magnum for added brain matter splatter.

With a snub-nosed .357, the first round stings, the second round hurts, the third round REALLY hurts. But you don't have to actually hit your target - the flash and report will scare him to death (and leave you blind and deaf for about 20 minutes). :)

Anonymous said...

well done

johnsal said...

Thanks for an entertaining and informative two hours. Funny how rare it is to use those two words in the same sentence. Anyway, I started it to test it prior to sending a link to my actor son. As strange as it may sound, he is as close as I have seen to an anarcho-capitalist. But a lot of that is just based on emotion so your advice will, I'm sure, be an invaluable tool for him since most of the other cats in his jungle have different ideological spots than his, to say the least. But after the first 10 minutes I was hooked and completely enjoyed your 2 hour presentation.

BTW the one part I didn't enjoy was your rather defeatist approach to the coming struggle toward the end of the question period. Are you sure you're not French? The battle is just now being drawn; the loyal troops must be rallied; Obama is orchestrating the final days of the Welfare State model of government; let's encourage everyone to put down his/her work tools and take to the streets to defend and restore the values of freedom and liberty. Churchill didn't give up and you shouldn't either. Always be positive.

Captain Capitalism said...

hi John,

The ONLY hope is that Obama and the socialists move too quickly and too aggressively that they destroy the economy and make a mockery of themselves (which has happened with Carter)to the point that even the dumbest of Americans get their heads out of their asses and wake up as to what is going on.

I personally am taking a more aggressive and insulting approach to my dumbass liberal friends, more or less giving them a slap across their face because I realize now just how weak their arguments and beliefs are. Besides which I just plain don't give a damn any more. I'd rather be right than rich, and the way this economy is going you might as well claim being right.