Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nationalized Health Care

I have been requested to make commentary on the health care debate.

It's very simple;

Whoever in congress votes for it will lose their seats.

Those who voted for the TARP bailout/stimulus AND votes for nationalized health care will probably get lynched in the streets.

And I frankly would smile if that happened.


Ryan Fuller said...

"Those who voted for the TARP bailout/stimulus AND votes for nationalized health care will probably get lynched in the streets.

And I frankly would smile if that happened."

I would mourn their passing with wine, women and song.

Ok, more like celebrating with video games, anime and blogging, but the spirit of the thing is the same.

vakeraj said...

I would smile if that happened too. Unfortunately, some reps are buried deep in liberal districts. They're not losing, no matter what.

Dr. Bob said...

Never before have I been this afraid of the federal government now that is has been seized by Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

Never before have I been this angry as well.

Nationalized healthcare as written is simply a naked power grab by Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

Cap and trade was/is also a power grab.

In both cases the government, in particular the executive branch will tax the hell out of the productive of this nation, then decide who reaps the benefits.

Government decide who will get energy credits and carbon offsets - you have no other options.

Government will decide who gets what care and when - that decision is taken out of your hands and your doctors' hands and you have no other options.

These go far beyond mere socialism. . . they're steps to the USA becoming a dictatorship. Obama already has his thugs activated - SEIU, ACORN are already ready to go.

I think it is time to prepare for the time when the s*** hits the fan. If these go through, I expect riots in the streets.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I'm buying tar and feather futures contracts. I'm gonna make a killing.

CBMTTek said...

Health care crisis?

What crisis?

What problems with health care in the US cannot be solved through people beginning to take care of themselves.

The real crisis in the US is the current administration rewarding irresponsibility over and over again.

Erica Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

What I like about you Cap'n is you go out on a limb on predictions...

I do agree there is going to be a huge backblash to all this spending and their needs to be.

I think it will be just shy of a violent revolution with lynchings though...

Riva said...

This is interesting. My question is, are CATS covered under Obama family health care plan?

Hot Sam said...


Anonymous said...

I'm snitching this thought, but it's worthwhile.

The Obama plan is intending to fund two public bankrupt healthcare systems (Medicare and Medicaid) by taking away the private healthcare system that is financially sound.