Saturday, August 29, 2009

From a Reader

It is a bit lengthy, but our good reader, Broadsword, makes some deeper points if you care to read through. I am currently failing miserably at fishing and stand no chance of recouping the $60 I spent on a non-state-resident fishing license;

Sorry, somethings wrong with the text, my bad. Tried working at it and it still isn't coming through. I will try to post it later after vacation.



Anonymous said...

The font color is really hard to read.

Unknown said...

I read this in Google Reader - didn't show up on your webpage. Brilliant analogies. I really love the simple images of language and arts as capitalist/free-market. I also appreciate the analysis of why third-world countries are not fair examples. Lengthy but excellent. Thanks for posting. I'm a long-time reader, great blog. A must read for me.

jgriffin316 said...

Hi Cap,

Just a few comments on the post.

1) Black text on a black background is difficult for optically challenged people like myself to read. :)

2)Free software is a horrible example of socialism for the following reasons:

A) Very few software developers work for free. Most are writing code for immediate or future financial benefit.

B) Most free software is developed by companies for competitive advantage. For example, IBM has spent billions of dollars on developing and promoting Linux to help them sell servers and consulting services, not out of the goodness of their heart.

3) Free software teams teams and projects cooperate for the same reasons companies like Ford and Firestone cooperate, they will make more money working together then they will working separately.

4) The tools that free software developers use to write code (i.e. computers and Internet connections) cost money and that money has to be earned somehow.

Good post though.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I still can't read Broadsword's post.