Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Proof of Socialism

I use the word socialism because that is precisely where we are not only headed, but currently are. Regardless an interesting link provided to me by a reader, Brian, provides not only additional proof that socialism is being implemented, but also proves;

1. Detroit sucks
2. Places that we crazy with the housing also suck
3. The rest of the country is paying to create jobs for Washington bureaucrats
4. Portland is a place I never plan to visit nor invest in.

The chart is a bit large, but it's insightful.


dtrum said...

The Beveridge-curve describes the relationship between unemployment and job vacancies. This relationship is known to be inverse, i.e. the more unemployment, the less vacancies we have (see Detroit). Beveridge was a socialist, but he was right with this one.

So this chart isn't really insightful, except for the comparison of unemployment rates. You are, however, right not to visit or invest into Portland.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Jacksonville!

We may not be so great at hosting the SuperBowl but at least we can work.

Now if we can just sort out this Florida property tax and budget deal.

CBMTTek said...

Holy F-in Crap!

So, all that money we used to bail out the car companies is working as planned. And, by that I mean just the opposite.

$25 Billion (or $60 Billion, depending on who you talk to) and Detroit still has massive unemployment versus potential job growth.

Total waste of taxpayer money. Had GM gone out of business, employment in Detroit would probably be better.