Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ron Volesky

Short post, them I'm off to climb Hat Mountain.

Saw it in the Rapid City Journal today that Ron Volesky, a potential democratic candidate for South Dakota governor wants to impose a corporate income tax.

So in short, since I'm vacation,

Volesky is a freaking moron. And the reason why is he doesn't understand basic economics.

South Dakota, as well as North Dakota and Wyoming, are states that not only have no income tax (corporate or personal), but states that have more or less escaped the recession.

Now the reason why is that corporations and people like to invest in these states since they get to keep more of their money. It also keeps money out of the hands of government, which is notorious for spending money poorly, resulting in less production per dollar. However what really pisses me off is that I was planning on moving myself and my company out here to South Dakota to escape the overly and oppressively taxed nanny state of Minnesota. But oh no, you have to ruin any fun and eliminate any state that might still somewhat adhere to the Declaration of Independence's "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

Now, of course, guess what he wants to spend it it;

Of course, education. Arguably the most cost-ineffective government program where more money has never improved education.

And his rationalization for imposing an income tax;

"I just feel that"

Ron, quit being a god damned politician, become an adult and a statesman and KNOW before you ask for other people's money.


Unknown said...

I don't normally comment in here but I'd just like to chime in. Last year I went on a student exchange to Michigan.

The school I went to wowed me beyond belief. There were smart boards in every room, cameras in each class, microphones, massive auditorium, cafeteria, teachers had brand new laptops, cameras enormous building they added to every year, not a textbook there >2 years old, the marching band got everything it asked for, the teams, enormous gym.

I am from Australia, here we education is not a bottomless pit. Oublic schools are more than adequate but by no means Dubai with the walls dripping in gold.

The teachers here are less strict, there are no punishments if you don't do homework, you want to fuck your life? be my guest. No tardy, no 4 minutes to get to class. Our classes are around 28-30 up to 32 kids compared to usually <20 max 24 there. Our auditoriums double as gyms.

I just found it incredible how much money was spent in that school compared to schools over here.

The oh so ironic thing, from my cultural learnings I figured we are probably a whole school year worth of material ahead of students over there, in the case of some (many!) students they were doing stuff I had done 2 years ago and I by no means go to a selective or prep school.

You can throw all the money in the world at your schools but it does not mean that they will be any smarter at all. Just another dumbarse move by a guy who likes shooting himself in the foot (Democrat).

CBMTTek said...

Typical politician.

Decide you want to buy something, even if it isn't necessary.

Then tax people to pay for it.

Anonymous said...