Thursday, August 20, 2009

Outstanding Journalism

I am not a professional journalist, but then again, I really don't believe in "professional journalism." I believe people, especially now armed with the internet, can find out the truth for themselves and don't need some worthless C- student who can't do algebra going to J school, writing for a newspaper telling them what to think.

But you have to hand it to Kate at SDA. She does this "SDA juxtaposes" theme, but this is one of the best ones where she exposes this fraud-nationalized-health-care-whore/professional protester.

You want to talk about people in the media who actually care about society, well it ain't freaking Dan Rather.

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Big Ern said...

I think lumping her in with those so-called "Scientists" that are so concerned with us puny humans controlling the weather is fair. You said it Cappy, just a bunch of whores willing to wag their cheap wares in our faces, hoping we'll be duped into falling prey to their false prophesying. Don't fall for it all people, we still have some power.