Saturday, August 01, 2009


Champion of the "poor" my sweet little, perfectly sculpted ass.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is 20 more than I have.

Hot Sam said...

If I became president, my wife would probably have one assistant to manage her schedule and do advance research and planning for social events. That assistant might have a low wage page for the learning experience.

Michelle Obama has a bigger and better paid staff than Army battalion commander who commands over a thousand soldiers.

This just shows you the height of their arrogance.

MTGirl said...

Warning: Semi-drunken kind of off topic comment ahead:

I'm up here in no-where Montana canning venison (first attempt at meat canning, second round of canning EVER, so we'll see if this is a good or bad thing later), but man, ain't life grand?

I hope the same is true for everybody out there, but right now I am in perfect health and so is everybody I care about, including my dogs. It's a hot sunny Saturday and I've got a fair/rapidly-diminishing amount of beer and a whole s**t-load of gin. My husbands coming home tomorrow from a wedding I didn't have to go to.

Man, life is pretty damn great.

20 attendants? That crazy broad will never be as happy as I am right now with a Molson in my hand, a pressure cooker on the stove, and a new dress coming in the mail.

Happy Saturday to all you's out there! Hope your vacation is kickin some butt captain! Congrats on hiking mountains instead of stairsteppers or hospital corridors.

CBMTTek said...

Of course she is a champion of the poor.

Look at the 20 jobs she has created. If not for her, these people would probably have to go on unemployment and be a burden on society.