Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, Isn't That Cute

I can hear the emasculated, 20 something, mommy-paid-my-way-though-college man's voice on the other end. It tells me he forgot one key important thing;

OH, THAT'S RIGHT, DUMBASS, MEDICARE IS BROKE BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT MISMANAGED IT SO HORRIBLY! Amazing how he never managed to discuss how the "Medicare" system is busted.

Wow, cartoons are cute! I think I'll convince another 20 million idiotic 20 somethings to think just like my skinny, goatee wearing-never-getting-any-pansy-ass while we vote for our next president on American Idol.


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

The poverty of imagination on display here is staggering.

What a drone. If only they were few and far between...

Doug said...

"Other government services . . .police, fire, water treatment . . . ."

Guess this jackass never heard about private security firms, or that some stores hire off-duty police to provide extra security. And that whole fire supression system in your office building? Yeah, the government didn't provide that, either. If water treatment plants do such a good job, why is there a bottled water industry?

I would very much like to see these leftists get the government-run health care they so desperately crave. Too bad it would mean the rest of us get flushed down the crapper with them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my God! There's that evil "profit" word again!!! As a mom whose daughter has just begun a career as a registered nurse, I find this kind of drivel appalling.

geoih said...

That made me feel all warm inside. I wish I could be an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Captain, where does he get off saying fire insurance is free? I have to pay for mine. Irrespective of whether the fire department puts out the fire or not, my insurance company pays. The fire department minimizes the risk for the insurance company, not me.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

True enough.. however, the reality about insurance is no one thinks THEY are going to reallly need it - and promises of NO premiums, as we have in Canada, will lure 79% of the voting U.S., apparently, away from the Republican party.

And all the fear-mongering about "death panels" from Sarah Palin, isn't going to change that.

The over-identification of the Republican party with the interests of private medical care will certainly guarantee the re-election of Barack Obama if they don't get their heads outta their asses..

Benoit said...

Hey. I am a French citizen, reading your blog from the UK, London. In France I was paying 70% tax to pay health benefits for those French who were not productive enough to pay for their own health insurance. The UK is not much better though.

I am with you a 100%.

I feel really sad America is going down this slope. I always dreamed I would come live in NY or Arizona later in my life. Sorry you have to live through this end of your great civilization as the Egyptian, the Roman, the French, the English did in history.

GW South said...

Uh Roblaw, you're still paying premiums through taxes. No such thing as a free lunch.

Now if only people in the US would realize that.

Anonymous said...

Oh to be young and ignorant. This 20 something probably lives in an apartment with his most valuable possession being his iMac -- no car, no house, no worries.

Glad to see his 50K a year tuition at Wesleyan for his BA in "government" going to good use, as I guess they must gloss over the whole enumerated powers with respect to what the role of the federal government is limited to.

amcz said...

Hmmm... Isn't the US Post Office failing?

Fire departments are usually locally run, so they're not very "universal". (There are private fire depts./services that work for insurance companies or chemical/manufacturing companies.) And fire codes are enacted to reduce the chances and destruction of fires. I guess government will then be able to tell people to lose weight to prevent health problems.

The Coast Guard does patrol U.S. waters, but some police departments run their own boats as well. Not to mention voluntary search and rescue organizations.

My water treatment plant screw up once and the water turned brown and undrinkable. Oh, and they're local too, not federal.

Hot Sam said...

Where is the link to this pathetic piece of shit?

I'm going to give this mama's boy a lesson about the difference between a public good and a private good. The distinction has absolutely NOTHING to do with "essential", otherwise we would have socialized cafeterias for us all to eat healthy, nutritious, organic meals served up by Uncle Sugar.

Let's talk about police and fire. Those 'essential' union workers are driving California's budget into a black hole with their exorbitant pay and benefits. Despite that, we still have too much crime and too many fires.

Let's not even get started on the Postal Service.

I'm with Paul. This guy is an unthinking drone - a dunsel (stuns'l) in the machine of socialism - who probably refers to himself as a "free thinker".

Anonymous said...

All the stuff the Government runs is failing, they can't even run in a straight line. I think for the fire department and police, we should NOT have taxes that pays for them, but instead we pay for fire and police insurance. It would be a lot like how we pay for health insurance, maybe you could even get in a group plan at work. Since people would be making more money at their jobs perhaps they would do a better job. And if you can't afford police or fire insurance then I guess it's time for you to get out of your idealistic dreamland and get a real job or you'll watch your house burn to the ground because you don't have fire insurance. For the rest of us, we show the firefighters our fire insurance card and out the fire goes. Talk about your dreams going up in flames, literally. HA!

Anonymous said...

This guy does a pretty good take down of the video:

Anonymous said...

Ya. I am not surprised if I am not the first one to post this link here... but hey, I tried.