Tuesday, June 05, 2012

19 Drinks, But No Responsibility

*Heavy sigh*
To quote Tom Leykis, "Yes, I can leave my car running with the doors open in Stockton.  Is it illegal for somebody to steal my car.  Am I an idiot for leaving the car running with the doors open?  Yes."

Wait wait!  I know!  let's have a "slut walk!"  That'll solve the world's problems.

Hat tip.


Anonymous said...

So, she blacked out while being raped due to the horror of it, but came to at the moment her husband pulled up in the car, at which point she ran screaming and shoeless to her husband's car?

Wow, talk about your coincidences.

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe every word she says. No woman who owns horses could possibly be the worst person on earth.

Unknown said...

If I drank that much I'd probably be dead.