Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Don't Need No Stiiiinnnnnking Fathers Linkage

If fathers were more prevalent and manly in society, 90% of the "childhood psychoses" would disappear over night...but then where would all the "child psychology" and "social work" majors find employment?  And we all know it's MUCH more important for people who can't do math to have make work government jobs than psychologically healthy children.

Yes, because consumption is the only thing that matters (as i pointed out before).

Well sure, if you think education should be about the children, you moron.  But everybody knows that's not what schools are for. (I am of course joking about the moron statement).

That's too complicated for the teachers to figure out.  Therefore we will not be pursuing that idea.  PS you're racist.

Fact- fat is gross.  If you want to argue, I suggest you focus on the first word there.  But this is taking it a bit too far.

I shall answer Clarissa's question (which is a good one).  The reason women (married or not, working or not) do the majority of the housework is because of one simple thing - women's standards for tidiness are multiple times higher than men's.  We are OK with an upturned shoe in the middle of the hall.  You decree it a "filthy mess" and declare war on it.  We men will clean the house to the point it is sanitary.  You can clean it to the point of perfection if you want.  We guys have more important stuff to do in life.


Carnivore said...

"Women's standards of tidiness are multiple times higher than men's"?!?!?!?!

Cappy, you must be kidding, or you don't get out much. That WAS true. I remember my mom's and aunts' generation - yeah, "spring cleaning" meant washing walls, pulling all the furniture away from the wall and cleaning behind, emptying all kitchen cabinets, wiping the inside and washing the contents, washing all the curtains, etc., etc. Given the cleaning they did every week, I find it hard to believe that "spring cleaning" was even necessary.

The average young woman today is a slob - doesn't know how to cook, clean or mend clothes.

Captain Capitalism said...

WHAT!? No way! The majority of women I've ran into all had much better kept joints that my bachelor pad. Sure, you run into one or two with cats and that wonderful cat urine smell and you never see them again, but the majority of them had WAY higher requirements for cleanliness than me. Heck, they all had to have furniture that matched even!

Anonymous said...

The issue with "women do the majority of housework" crap is women get to define what is housework, and thus they can disregard all the housework that men do. I have taken vacation time to do household renovation jobs, because there isn't enough time to strip out the old plaster, install insulation, new wiring, drywall, tape plaster, paint build trim by hand to replicate the destroyed antique trim, install a hardwood floor and build a beautiful bed night tables and dresser for our master bedroom. But women don't count that has house work - these are just the type of things that men do for fun. Men also look after the garden, re blacktop the driveway, re shingle the roof paint the porch, clean out the eaves, maintain the cars etc etc. On top of that, I can hire someone to do the "womens work" housework tasks for a fraction of the price that I can hire someone to rewire my almost century old home. or install new brakes in our car.

I am sure that if you put an economic value to the housework men do compared to the house work women do you would find that in economic terms men do way more house work. Women get around this by defining the things we do as housework as hobbies. - minuteman

Aaron said...

My wife hates it when I wipe my hands on my jeans. She was left speechless when she saw my Dad do it at a recent family gathering.

Women are DEFINITELY more picky when it comes to tidiness. lolol

Captain Capitalism said...

Minute Man,

On top of that, I can hire someone to do the "womens work" housework tasks for a fraction of the price that I can hire someone to rewire my almost century old home

On top of that, you can hire somebody to do "wifely chores" for a fraction of the cost of marriage.

Yuk yuk yuk yuk!

heresolong said...

Cap, You hit the nail on the head. I would spend hours cleaning stuff, then my wife would get home and clean it all again. I worked hard, too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Cap, have to agree that most of the women in my age range (early 40's) keep their house in a complete disaster. Hell, quite a few younger ones do the same. Yeah, the furniture may be matched, but it is hard to see under all the grime, empty fast food bags, cat hair, and things I couldn't identify without an industrial chemistry lab. And the kitchens looked like a toxic waste dump.

I keep my house in much better condition than any women I have ever dated. Clean, disinfected, dusted and vacuumed. And do so on a regular basis. I have met very few women that could keep a house as clean as I do.

In my experience, the average woman makes garbage dump look sterile.

Pirran said...

"That's too complicated for the teachers to figure out. Therefore we will not be pursuing that idea. PS you're racist."

Andrew Coulson's follow-up for The Cato Institute is even more revealing; Charty Goodness, indeed.

Free Northerner said...

Thanks for the linkage.

I agree. Women seem to have a weird, natural desire to live in cleanliness. I do just enough to make sure the mold stays only in the sink.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, Captain!

Anonymous said...

Pro tip on how to drive a clean freak woman insane:
Get a high output LED tactical light,shine it on her knick knack brick-a-brack and say "OMG there's dust on everything."
Then show her it's true.
There is no way to be %100 spotless,and that fact will make her quite upset.

uk Fred said...

Has anyone anywhere ever done a full cost benefit analysis for a society which was free of social non-workers and similar public sector employment creation post fillers?

And Captain, was it you who did the cost benefit analysis of the difference between Paul McCartney marrying Heather Mills and hiring a premium rate hooker when it came to "women's work"

Anonymous said...

but why women who do not care about the house are 10000000000000x more messy than males?

From my personal experience, women are either insane about cleanliness and tidiness, or they generate so much chaos and so much mess no man can compete... anyone else agree?

Adam said...

I've cleaned restrooms for both men and women.

Anyone telling me women are cleaner are is completely full of shit and deluding himself.

Clarissa said...

" The reason women (married or not, working or not) do the majority of the housework is because of one simple thing - women's standards for tidiness are multiple times higher than men's. "

- This has got to mean that my sister and I are men because I can guarantee that you will not find any men who are messier than we are. :-) :-)

All my life, I'm feeling guilty under the condemning stares of the extremely neat and tidy men in my life. :-)

I'm a fantastic cook, though, so it all equals itself out.

Thanks for the link, I love it when your readers come by my blog.

Mark Adams said...

In addition to what Adam said, anyone who's ever been a valet can tell you the sanitary conditions of women's cars put men's to shame.

I'm not just talking about the half-eaten burgers, the yellow newspapers dating back to when newspapers were a thing, and the animal waste that filled these vehicles up. (And forget the mechanical issues that they ignore by plastering pictures of their seven kids from eight different baby daddies over the instrument panels.) I've actually seen women's cars with rodents living in the back seats, and -- in the personal high point of my career -- bags of used diapers*. To this day, I can't drive my own car without pulling the door shut by the window due to all the times I stuck my hand into the little pocket in the door next to the handle and pulled out a wad of used tissues. But it's all right, because they have twenty "black ice" pine trees hanging from their mirror in between the counterfeit Mardi Gras beads.

* I've also seen women change baby diapers on restaurant tables mid-meal, but I'm blaming that one on the fact that the guilty party was a daughter, her mother, and her 24 year-old grandmother.