Monday, June 25, 2012

Tornadoes Fear Me Linkage

Really hard to enjoy the decline when stuff like this happens.  Then again, it reiterates that's your only option.

Fellow blogger gets cancer.  You can help him out here.

I have always wanted to read about the Soviet economy in that (like its nuclear armament), it was overestimated.  Perhaps not on purpose either, a lot of the Soviet strategy was to bluff and lie (don't all communists?).  The US fell for it, but still a good book about the realities of the Soviet economy would be interesting.

I have said it before, the problems with the US is not our politicians, its the collapse and decay of our people at the cellular level.  Mangan agrees.

At the "peak" of my game a lot of my friends wondered "how I did it?"  They didn't see the psychological costs and drama of dating many women at the same time.  All they saw was the numbers and physical beauty.  They did not see the suicide threats, the assaults, the husband she failed to mention for three months, or the girl taking off her shirt and then wondering why I was trying to kiss her.  It's enough to make millions join the MGTOW movement.

More lengthy and deep stuff from Badger.

I have never hit a woman.  I have, however, been hit at least 6 times by a woman (all uncalled for, so please don't bother with the jokes or the presumptions).  Equality purists would say "well, it's time to start treating women as genuine equals," but I will instead simply institute a new policy- report any assault, no matter how minor, to the police and pursue them to the fullest extent of the law.  The days of slapping men and thinking you can get away with it are over.

Some desperately needed light heartedness.

And some more desperately needed light heartedness.

God this was a dreary linkfest.

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beta_plus said...

My favorite saying about winning the Cold War:

"The American Revolution simply outspent the Communist Revolution"

That being said, not everyone was unaware of the Soviet Union's impending economic collapse. The book "World War 3" from the late 1970s thesis was that a hot war in Germany between NATO and the Soviets would be caused by the Soviets having an economic crisis and hoping that conquering West Germany would provide them the wealth to continue.

ultimaaiera said...

OT - Another "father could not be reached for comment" moment:

Take The Red Pill said...

I also have personally never hit a woman -- but like the late, great comedian Sam Kenison said:
"I don't think you should smack them around or abuse them;
"I mean I wouldn't want to be the deciding member on a jury or anything!
I don't think you should hit 'em or beat them up -- but I understand what turns Mr. Hand into Mr. Fist!"

Dear Sam -- one of my favorites and truly a great comedian. We lost him much too soon.

RIP, Sam. You are sorely missed!