Friday, June 29, 2012

Clean It Up Boys

Again, it seems I have to remind people the single worst thing I have to do is delete a comment, that is otherwise brilliant, but full of vulgarity. 

I will tolerate the occasional and well-placed curse word, but a tirade of cursing and disparaging language will not make it.  Please clean it up.


Chris said...

Does no body know the old rule "your place, your rules?"

Blogs are owned. The good Cappy is responsible for the content.

This should be a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

but gosh-dangitty dangit cappy, you just made me lose half of my forkin' vocabulary....

ScottH said...

Before you swear, ask yourself: "How would Roman Moroni say it?"


Anonymous said...

Your father never loved you

Bowers said...

There is no such thing as an offensive word, only the intent behind it.

Are you meant to be a libertarian?

Please explain then why you blindly conform to what some moron/s tells you (typically parents) are bad words because they were stupid enough to follow what they were told.

Don't you know that these 'swear' words were commonly used Saxon words that the Normans declared bad when they invaded England.

Such base control measures are designed to stop you thinking freely in order to better yourself, thus keeping you in your low place in society!

Anonymous said...

The Mr Manly radio spots had some of the most brilliant invective I have ever heard, and nary a curse word in them (FCC rules). While the right word is the difference between a lighnting bolt and a lightning bug, vulgarity only works on vulgar minds.