Friday, June 08, 2012

Why Ruin a Good Time?

I'm amazed how some people are just jealous of their friends and can't let them have a good time.

Let's show people how open minded we are and how we are definitely for our friends having a good time.

Vote yes  (obviously of course).



Herr Wilson said...

I voted yes. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Sojourner said...

Oh there must be a book somewhere that they draw these situations from. Coulda sworn I've had a CBT (computer based training) module on this during one of the drill weekends.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Russian. I am visiting St. Petersburg, and it is an amazing place. Bureaucracy to be sure, mainly involving travel, but entirely free of political correctness. It's four am and you want a drink? Of course you do! Who wouldn't? Vodka or beer? Wine or brandy? And a cigarette would go pretty well with that for sure. And then off for a motorcycle ride.

The coffee shops sell alcohol. The "supermarkets" sell alcohol. The only spirit I haven't seen is Rumpleminze.

Maybe you should come over here and do some proselytizing?