Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Canadians Have Crusaders Too

And just like their American cousins, I ask, "why are none of them good looking?"


sth_txs said...

Women Know Your Limits

beta_plus said...

I thought Nazi girls were supposed to be hot.

Hollywood really screwed this one up. They made Nazi girls hot, which they weren't, and Russian Commie girls ugly, which they are most certainly not at least according to Roosh.

Captain Capitalism said...

WHAT??? Commie girls NOT HOT???

Did you ever see Hogan's Heroes with the hot Russia spy?

Or any James Bond flick, all commie girls -all Russian - all hot.

beta_plus said...

@cappy cap

I admit that I never saw Hogan's Heroes.

As for James Bond, that was my own inexcusable oversight. Though in my (very weak) defense I will say that the usually didn't have Slavic women actually playing the hot russian spies.

Anonymous said...

Please remember those are French Canadians in the protest photos. They have the lowest tuition rates in the country. Yet they are protesting a modest one dollar a day increase, in their tuition fees.BTW, the tuition rates would be considered close to free, compared to American tuition rates. In fact most of the student protesters insist, that university education should be 100% government funded.
Most of the students in science, engineering, and commerce fields of study, did not participate in the protest.Most of the protesters (at least from their arrest records) are students of the humanities.
Quebec is a very socialist and high tax province. The socialist mind set is very similar to France.

Check out this tuition chart.
Example Quebec Engineering tuition cost $2,443 per year. That is well over 90% government subsidized.