Friday, June 15, 2012

Fan Mail


MBAs are totally degraded, as we know.

Atabasca University (distance learning) published today the list of
the 183 graduates from it program, here are my findings:

- 166 people provided their names, most their places of employment
- 48 of them (28.9%) work for government (hospitals, education boards,
city of this and that, etc.)
- 22 work for banks or investment funds (13.25%)
- 8 work for hi-tech companies (4.8%)

You can analyse it however you want, but I have some suspicions as to
what your commentary might be.

I have one with two comments:

- How can it be that the government sector accounts for a third of all
MBAs? What are they doing that is so important? Getting a well-rounded
- I am 100% sure my taxpayer's money is paying for all 48 MBAs in the
so-called public sector. I have no objections with some MBAs for key
people (there was one from Ministry of Defence) being paid by
taxpayer's money. However, I do object to 30% of the MBAs in 2012
being paid on my dime. Some examples of what I think to be wasted
taxpayer's money (unless it can be proven otherwise): Interior Health
Authority, Heffley Creek, BC (a town I never heard of needs an MBA
there?); Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (they couldn't get one
ready made in Toronto? are you kidding me?; City of Ottawa;
Electical/Mechanical Contractors Association; City of Mississauga.

And an encore comment:

- I look forward to male advancement and mentoring programs in
government, since males account for less just under 50% of MBAs earned
by government operated authorities, despite males having longer
careers in industry than females.

I'm surprised it's only 30% government workers.  The only people with money are those in the public sector....and well, those kids whose parents are mortgaging their retirement to put little Suzie or Jimmy through an MBA program....

of course in the laughable hopes....

they'll make enough money....

to pay off their parents....

via nursing home financing...

and visits....

which will never come.

Enjoy the nursing home decline!


PeppermintPanda said...

For the most part, I think the graduates of Athabasca University are probably more likely to make use of their MBA than most ...

While it is an online University it is well respected as an educational institution and most of the people who are getting an education through it are already working. I could be wrong but I suspect that most of the MBA program is full of middle management types who want the education to help us move to the next level of management.

Government would be so heavily represented in this because the larger and more bureaucratic organizations will often have very ridgid processes for hiring (especially from inside the organization), and many of the higher level management positions will likely have an MBA as a preferred educational requirement.

Unlike the new grads who get MBAs immediately after getting their bachelor's degree, someone who already has 5 years of management experience and 10 years of other (practical) experience before getting their MBA will likely get a lot more mileage out of their degree.

Unknown said...

I had a girlfriend who has an MBA from the University of Chicago. She worked for the federal government for three years and then quit. Said she didn't do anything.

JC said...

Getting a Master's degree is good for an automatic pay increase in many government jobs. No change in position, responsibilities, or anything, just a nice fat bonus. I'd be willing to place a modest wager that lots of those new MBAs are schoolteachers digging just a little more deeply into the public pocket.