Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'd Like Some White Privilege Please

What is that disease or psychological disorder where people hate themselves?  In the meantime I'm still waiting for the unfair advantages my skin color is supposedly supposed to bring me.


Unknown said...

For the guys anyway...some will say anything to get laid.

CBMTTek said...

There was a time in this country, perhaps 50-60 years ago, where being white was an advantage.

That was decades ago.

Now, I have more documented evidence, as well as various laws, quotas, and policies to point to the fact that white skin is in fact a detriment.

Who is being treated unfairly? Whites. And, the fact that this campaign exists is proof of that fact. Imagine the uproar that would ensure if this campaign actually targetted another ethnic group?

Oh, wait, we saw it when those students in UC Berkely set up their lemonade stand with "fair" pricing.

Jim said...

See this little bit of news?

Anonymous said...

I could write a thesis-length paper on how this concept has penetrated and suffused the educational theory that gets taught to teachers in college / grad school and then passed down into the classroom. Safe to say I'll give a nice anecdote instead:

I worked at an HBCU. If you don't know, that's a Historic Black College / University. 99% of my students were Black and willingly came to an all Black college. I taught English with a few other Adjuncts - we all barely made ends meet but still did the job nonetheless.

The funny part was that one day towards the end of the semester, I had a student come up to me from another teacher's class. This teacher was also white - an ultra-lefty lib who already had her PhD. The student and some of her friends complained to me about the teacher regarding a few issues, then finally ended with: "...and we read the same books over and over again."

I said, "you can't possibly be reading the exact same text."

They replied, "No, ever since we've come here we've only read books about how white people oppressed the hell out of blacks. We're tired of reading and hearing the same thing every day in class."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at that one. At an HBCU even.

Steffen said...

Cap, you're bright, well educated, and possess enough self-discipline to think before acting.

You inherited at least some aspects of these traits from your forebears.

Additionally, white skin will effectively let you soak up sunlight for your body to turn into Vitamin D (in moderation) or let you get a sunburn if you overdo it.

That and a buck twenty-five will buy you a soda.

Steffen said...

Let's check out "white privilege" just for argument.

You have inherited traits and cultural attitudes from your forebears that prove useful and allow you to achieve a large measure success in modern society.
That's a plus.

Other than that, white skin allows you to absorb sunlight so your body can produce vitamin D effectively, or will result in a nasty sunburn if you overdo it.

That and a buck twenty-five will buy you a soda.

Captain Capitalism said...


sadly the people who suffer the most from people too cowardly to discuss race issues bluntly, truthfully and honestly are minorities.

No young black kid stands a chance at ever achieving true success or excellence with the hordes of race pimps like Jesse Jackson and academians providing them every excuse not to try. One of my black friends sees this and is even more enraged than I am about how people abuse skin color as a political tool to gain power/control/wealth.

I just look at the generations of black people in America who never achieved their best, live in poverty, and still believe the leftists because their message "doesn't hurt their feeeeeelinnnnnngs" and feel genuine pity.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

The self hatred is just disgusting.

vandiver49 said...


Its not just an race issue, its an age issue as well. With major civil rights legislation only implemented in the late '60's, our parents and g'parents grew up in an age with legitimate social injustice. fast forward to today and you'll find these same individuals in positions of leadership today, making decisions and policy based upon their childhood experiences.

The problem of course is that their children (Gen X, Y, Millennials) grew up with a profoundly different racial experience. But that difference isn't taken into account by our seniors.

amcz said...

Ironically, "white privilege" never existed in Europe proper. They were too busy noting the differences between each others' ethnicities/cultures and murdering themselves over it.

Well, there were exceptions. France and Britain were more willing to accept other ethnicities (as long as they assimilated) than Germany, Russia, or the Balkans.