Friday, June 29, 2012

Debt Costs You Marriage

Lauren Dollard graduated from Fordham University in 2008 with $157,000 in debt, including interest. "My boyfriend won't marry me because of my debt," she says. "He doesn't want it attached to his name (I know, this could also be an excuse)." She said she would trade her "fancy private school education" in a heartbeat to live "as an independent adult."

 Uh, no dear, he's not looking for excuses.

Hopey changey kiddies!  Hopey changey!!!!


Take The Red Pill said...

Sound like her boyfriend is no fool -- it sounds like he's trying to dodge an expensive bullet she's trying to aim at him.

My best wishes for him to keep successfully dodging.

Just1X said...

She can call it an excuse, I'd call it a damn good reason.

'Independent'? ORLY, to me it looks like married...burnout by 30...oops kid...he has the debt to pay off as momsy stays home 'for the kid'

CBMTTek said...

Now, if this isn't an advertisement for the literary genius that is the Captain:
"Who in their right mind thinks that $100,000 of student loan debt (with a BS in a worthless field) is reasonable?"

One thing I noticed missing from all these stories: The majors/degrees these people have. No thought there about whether the degree they have "earned" and how it will pay in the marketplace ever crossed their mind, until they start suffering the consequences of the debt.

It is always fun to watch idealists (won't call them crusaders at this point) feel the full brunt of reality hit them.

Anonymous said...

"Student Debt Has Ruined My Life"

This is the part where I sip my Mai-Tai and chuckle to myself as I watch from an adjacent hilltop while colleges and universities get bulldozed to the ground.

A bubble popping is just another name for a large correction in the market, right? How sad that Gen Zero was sold the lie of education. The cost for the correction in the market will be most of their adult lives in slavery to a loan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you never seem to see people six figures in debt and drowning who have graduate degrees in Engineering. It always seems to be people that went to law school or got their Master's in Social Work or some garbage degree like that.

Anonymous said...

Anything I ever heard from the College Debt Generation indicated how intelligent and worldly wise they are. Every one of them claims to be way smarter than a guy recently elected twice to the Presidency of the United States. Their IQ leaves in the dust that of an attractive and plain spoken lady who went from nowhere to the governorship of Alaska and candidacy for Vice President of the USA.

Yet these hyper intellects somehow got ended up with a lifetime supply of non dischargeable debt with no means of ever paying it off.

One wonders how this could happen.

Carnivore said...

I'm not an astute economist as the Captain, but it would seem these young people don't have a sense of perspective or proportion.

When I graduated with my BS in engineering in 1980, I had a student debt of $10,000. Just did a quick google for an inflation calculator and I find that the $10K would be equivalent to roughly $28,000 today.

Also, when I started my first job out of college, I was making around $20,000 a year. That was phenomenal at the time, at least for the blue collar family I came from. The point being, my annual salary was 2x my total student debt.

Anonymous said...

He's way too smart, way too wise and probably too frugal for her.

No reason to marry down.

Anonymous said...

You wanna bet her borefriend is too smart/frugal/etc for her? Go search for her facebook and tell me who is responsible for her babybelly? Yeah, the guy who won't comment and who'll be paying her loans for her private school communications degree very shortly.