Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stockton City Council FAIL


Wow, "three year associate of arts in interior design" AND a graduate of "Leadership Stockton?"  Is this like where they issue medals for 24th place?  Good lord, what the hell were you people in Stockton thinking this lady would do?  Arrange the furniture in an artistic way so then Wells Fargo repossesses city hall it looks nice?  Nice going Miller, you once again prove the liberal arts is a place for people who can't do basic math.


You will see a correlation of people who sit on school boards (where there is of course never enough money for the chillllldreeennnn) and their inability to manage finances.  Because why should they?  They never had to before?  Just make the rich pay more.  I was going to give Canepa some bonus points for running a business, but nepotism is not acceptable.  FAIL.

Thank you for your service -  FAIL

While Ms. Eggman gets a bit of a reprieve for her military service she decided to flush it all down the toilet with Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in El-Crapo Studies.  I wonder if she ever took an accounting course in her 13 years of college education...oh...wait!  Of course not!  Money is limitless according to the humanities!  Does she have any practical application outside running bankruptcy municipalities?  Probably not.  FAIL!


Wow, if there's a poster child NOT to attend degree mills or correspondent schools, Mr. Fritchen is their boy!  Once again a MASTERS degree proves nothing about an individual's ability to provide a tangible, practical service (like the advance complex mathematics of "ADDING" and "SUBTRACTION" in "BUDGETS!").  Oh, and was he on the "Parks and Recreation" commission for 8 years?  Yeah, right, like you had ANY intention of getting a real job.  FAIL!


Let me list the countries the Peace Corps have been to that have improved because of their visit.....OH, that's right!  ZERO!  And surprise surprise, IS THIS YET ANOTHER person with public school experience?  What were you idiots who voted this moron in thinking?  That she was going to take her extensive "well building" experience for impoverished villagers in third world countries and maybe sing Kumbaya and that would solve your financial problems?  Wait, wait.  Let me guess.  Most of you who voted her in did so because you were never even AWARE of the financial problems because Jersey Shore was on.  Oh well, you get the government you deserve.  FAIL (for both the mayor and the voters)


Where the heck was this guy?  Oh, wait, I bet probably drowned out by the bickering about "reading initiatives" and "peace rallies" by the above five.  And I bet he was considered the "mean one" when he attempted to introduce some fiscal reality.  Perhaps District 1 could secede from Stockton and form their own SOLVENT city.  Of course I don't know for a fact as I have not looked at voting records,  but I'm merely testing my Crusaderism/Worthless degree theories here.  PASS.


David Campbell said...

I'm not so sure about the last guy Cappy. Many policemen live in fiscal lalaland as well. Their cause may be more worthy than "reading initiatives", but they scream just as loud as any crusader when their budget is cut.

Anonymous said...

Susan Eggman: Cap I need you to look at this closer. You MAY be in error. This is my understanding and I may be wrong too:

Psycology and psychiatry are two very different animals. A psychologist is a full blown medical expert that understands brain and biochemistry and is fluent in a few other branches of hardcore serious science. They can prescribe drugs and medical treatment.

A psychologist is a clown much like Frasier Crane - professional poseurs that cater to stupid rich people with silly problems and no common sense to solve them on their own. They are on par with public school teachers, retail meat cutters, interior designers and octopus-pumper-uppers.

Not that any of that changes your assessment of the tards involved. If you want to fire the lot of them out of a cannon I am good with it.

Mike said...

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos,"

UK Fred said...

With regard to the lady with the Social Work qualifications, I had always been talk that to put social in front of another word was to totally invert the meaning. Thus, 'social justice' means injustice, 'social security' means reliance on others largess and 'social work' means playing around at nothing really.

Chemist said... Anonymous but a psychiatrist (not a psychologist) is a medical doctor with an additional 5 years of residency training. A psychiatrist can prescribe drugs.

Psychology is usually a BA degree, and then possibly a MA and PhD, depending on the psychologist.

I'm not a big fan of the show 'Frasier', but I seem to recall that the character Frasier Crane is a psychiatrist. Although his character is writen more along the lines of a particularly flaky psychologist...

Anonymous said...

The last guy -- sheriff's department, county DA, and FBI. What do they have in common? All sucklers at the public teat. Add to that the fact that he's black, and thus unlikely to be fiscally conservative, and you have yet another FAIL.

Captain Capitalism said...

Ehhh, I disagree. Cops usually aren't lefties, and this guy retired first before entering politics. Yes, I noticed the NAACP membership, but I would wager he's probably the outcast or minority of silent conservative leaning. Again, I could be completely wrong. I'm waiting for Stockton locals to set me right.

Paul said...

Hiya Capn,

here's an interesting article on California's public pension woes and how they came about.

Anonymous said...

An important note regarding the last guy, and former police officer.He delivered a tangible service, as a cop. Tax payers do not have a problem with fire fighters and cops, because they deliver an important service. That is also why most fireman and cops are not leftist idealists. They live and work, in the real world.
The other officials live in a fantasy world of some socialist utopia.

Dave said...

Do mayors, vice mayors, and councilmembers receive salaries? If so, how can I get myself one of these jobs in a city that hasn't yet gone bankrupt? I can get a Social Studies degree from one of those online universities, if that would help.

lelnet said...

I think calling out the car wash guy for nepotism is over the top. Nepotism, properly understood, is giving unreasonable advantages to relatives in an enterprise that _isn't yours_. Like a government agency, that belongs to the taxpayers. Or a public corporation, that belongs to the stockholders. It's a subspecies of the agency paradox. Hiring relatives to work in a business that belongs entirely to you and/or to other members of your family? Not the same thing.

Maybe he was hiring relatives for the city payroll, in which case it'd be a problem. But that's not in the bio.

Anonymous said...

Individual cops and firemen might be conservatives, but their political effect, exercised through their unions, is undeniably Leftist. They have their hands out for public money just like the teachers and the bureaucrats, and they live in the fantasy utopia that unlimited increases in pay and benefits for cops and firemen are possible.

Anonymous said...

Councilmember Eggmans' entire second paragraph of her Bio should have a red box around it. -Doktor Bill