Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Williston Boy Flowers

So a girl in the office gets a bouquet of flowers.
I remembered, she JUST HAD flowers on her desk about a month ago.

So I inquire, "Didn't you just get flowers last month or something?"

She says, "Yes, I did."

I asked, "Well, why?  Are you particularly good to your husband?"

She says, "No, he's working the Bakken oil field and he sends me flowers every month."

I said, "Really?  That's awfully nice of him!"

She says, "Well, I'm not the only one.  "Amy" also gets flowers every month from her hubby and he works in Williston too."

I just wanted to point that out for all you aging 30 something NYC Sex and the City, EPL girls out there who are chasing "Mr. Big."  Just so you know you totally made the right decision passing up on those "loser" "blue collar hicks" and sticking to your guns to find that guy who makes 6 figures and has his MBA.

Because these guys also make 6 figures, but they DON'T have their MBA.

And a girl musn't lower her standards now, musn't she?


Zorro said...


S. Lynn said...

My hubby's working the oil fields in Lubbock and Hobbs doing inspections. $8,000 per week TAKE HOME and doesn't have a college degree. Flowers are OK but I get to go shopping every weekend instead. And redecorate. And landscape. I work, too, (for benefits)and we're living off my check. His goes into savings. Have $ now to pay cash for retirement home. Just sayin'. We're doing "fine" for middle class folks. But I only see him 1 week per month. Sacrafice. Never can have too much money to retire on.

raliv said...

im getting my CDL.

then I am moving to the oil field of texas or north dakota.

my degree in history is worthless.

glad I bought your book for my brothers so they won't make the mistake I did that I am now correcting.

Anonymous said...

Stepdaughter's boyfriend works in the Gulf.

"Blue collar" have way more fun than white collar. And he knows that he's doing something useful - producing OIL.