Saturday, June 02, 2012

From Our Muslim Agent in the Field

If there is a price tag to replacing fathers and husbands with government checks, this is it.

But that's alright.  Remember, we don't need no stiiiiiiiinking fathers!

Besides, think of all the social work jobs criminals create for all those women majoring in "psychology" or "social work."  Why, if people were responsible and stayed at home to take care of their children, then children wouldn't grow up to become criminals and then we wouldn't have all these social work/government program jobs.  And we can't have that now can we.

Hey, you crazy kids enjoy that decline!


Anonymous said...

And yet... i as an European would give my left testicle for the freedoms you still have.

You cannot legally carry as much as a nail-clipper or screwdriver in public in parts of Europe, as they generally fall under some kind of knife ban (mostly England and The Netherlands). Our divorce laws are worse than yours. We can't go offloading, shoot or carry guns and our salaries are taxed so heavily you wouldn't believe it.
For most of our governments our government spending as percent of GDP is over 50%.

Dave said...

Peter Greenwood says, "Basically, when we made these investments, public safety and crime was the No. 1 concern of voters, so politicians were passing all kinds of laws to increase sentences. Now, crime is down, but we're living with that legacy: the bricks and mortar and the politicians who feel like they have to talk tough every time they talk about crime."

This guy must have majored in Sociology without taking Simple Logic 101. Did it never occur to him that building more prisons and filling them with career criminals might have caused crime to go down?

Norm said...

I am always confused by the "cost" of incarcerating a criminal. Society drives up the cost with all the fancy stuff and and bitchs and moans about the cost. Ever watch the movie "Cool Hand Luke"? I reakon it didn't cost a lot to incarcerate Luke, Dragline and the other inmates.