Saturday, June 02, 2012


Absolutely amazing.

My brain has so been brainwashed to see things differently in the past via black and white films that even though I KNOW the human eye 100 years ago saw the same colors, people and landscapes I do today, I can't imagine people 100 years ago seeing anything besides black and white...or my dad seeing anything that wasn't tinted 1970's yellow.

Still, click on the pictures.  My favorite is the dog.  It shows things have not changed at all with dogs.


Unknown said...

Blown. Away.
I have goosebumps, my brain is having a hard time registering what I'm looking at. The fabric prints and textures! The color in the faces! The dog's nose is shiny! Thank you for the link.

Teknologist said...

Saying "Cheese!" for the camera apparently hadn't been invented in Russia yet.

It is absolutely amazing. If I hadn't read the introduction I would have thought the pictures were taken by an Russian anachronism society/foundation of some sort.

Philosophy Major said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the link

Senior Manchild said...

yeah, thanks for the link.

Must have spent an hour studying those photos; interesting.

Seeing everything more realistically, helps the past come to life more truthfully.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing, if you study the entire archive is that Russia, pre-1914 was a pretty lively place...with a huge economic growth rate, and massive potential, kind of like the United States of the time but maybe a little more backwards out in the provinces,(and with a tzar) but then 80 years of murderous & economically idiotic communism happened.

heresolong said...

Those are amazing, thanks for the link.