Friday, August 30, 2013

Again, It Is OK to Hate Your Teachers

Because they are not there to educate you.  They are there to brainwash you and take your money.


Anthony said...

You should repost that one thing you had in very very late 2009 about GRE scores where Education and Public Administration majors were at the bottom.

Eric S. Mueller said...

I'm not sure how somebody with that warped a belief can make it through life. As I started reading the page you linked, I saw another argument. So Slate says that public schools are only failing because everybody doesn't participate, and if we all participated, then public schools would be awesome.

I wanted to turn around and apply that logic to another argument, so please bear with me.

People like Aaron don't go to church. Because church sucks (heck, I go to church and it sucks quite a bit of the time). So if I'm applying Slate's argument correctly, church sucks because a lot of you people don't go. If you all would just get off your ass and go to church, it would totally rock.

My head hurts now.