Wednesday, August 07, 2013

How Feminism Took Over the Church



We have made a society that has created enough child-women to actually, honestly believe that their personal preferences trump the standards and rules of pre-established institutions, and yet STILL BELIEVE THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BE PART OF THOSE INSTITUTIONS.

I await the response from the religious community.

Do you kowtow to these demands (like gay marriage), thereby admitting you are nothing more than a money making, for-profit organization duping your congregation into donating money to you, or do you hold fast to your religious standards?

I eagerly await your decision!

Ahhh, religion.  The trade older than the oldest trade.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to this. I don't mind that people outside the church do non-Christian things. But when you claim to be a Christian and support premarital sex as a matter of course, (and same-sex marriage too) then I have to say something. If you're going to talk the talk, walk the walk. Peer-approval doesn't give you a license to redefine Scripture.

Anonymous said...

Woah, don't blame The Church for this. This woman is undoubtly some sort of Prot, probably one of the wishy-washy non-denominationals who are the worst of them all when it comes to this stuff.

Dwight House said...

I don't know about the 'religious community,' but I became a Christian because I believed the claims to be true and the evidence sufficient. I didn't join for convenience or power.

As such, it is not a matter up for debate based on personal preferences when there are such clear examples and commands in the Bible on this subject. Whether or not the practitioners agree is irrelevant, just as judicial activism and racially-based enforcement don't change what the U.S. Constitution actually says.

The woman in question is either mistaken in her understanding (hey, I make mistakes all the time) or not a Christian at all (she's only acting Christian when it suits her, and debasing it elsewhere).

Anonymous said...

The oldest profession is Taxonomy, if you ever read Genesis.

Since I'm Catholic, no, we don't kowtow to anyone, and haven't for 2000 years or so.

Chris said...

Isn't the blog post you link to a response from the religious community? Or are you referring to recognized religious leaders? If you agree to the former, then I would just refer you and your readers to that post and its comment section (in which I participated).

Cheers for this descriptive turn of phrase: "[These women think] their personal preferences trump the standards and rules of pre-established institutions, and yet STILL BELIEVE THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BE PART OF THOSE INSTITUTIONS."

The only expansion I would make to this is that it isn't just the women who operate under this paradoxical delusion, but heartily concede your focus on that sex as sensible in context of the article in question.

Anonymous said...

The oldest trade may have been created by religion.

Anyway, I never understood why women would want to be a part of those institutions to begin with. There's nothing in it for them.

They should have and should still, create their own churches, synagogues, mosques, mandirs, gurudwars, etc. I mean most religions advocate some sort of gender segregation anyway, so might as well go all the way.

They should also invent their own religions.

Some are already doing all of the above but not enough.

It needs to reach critical mass and women should vote with their feet and dollars.

Just pull out completely from these male dominated religions and institutions and take all their money with them.

(Again, they were really invented to be male only spaces anyway. And I think its pretty obvious why, wink, wink).

I know that many religions are bankrolled from their female congregations donations.

That needs to stop.

Let the "men" and "boys" (scratch that. not the boys. we all know what will happen to them) so let the men have their all male religious spaces and we can have ours.

Jai Ma!

dashing said...

I'm not exactly sure what you mean of when you say the "Church." I associate that term more with Catholicism than Christianity. Catholicism has been corrupted for a long time. They worship the dead, banking fraud, and even one Catholic church in Czech Republic is made/decorated with the bones of over 40,000 people. Lot of times anything with a hierarchy becomes corrupted, not anything new to religion. Jews were exceptionally well at being corrupted with very few leaders doing good to the point of being scattered, even black girls get most of their hair for weaves from Hindu girls sacrificing it to the gods in India.

To say that feminism took over the church is a bit ridiculous. It is more in line to say feminism is taking over lots of institutions in America and the “Church" may end up being another casualty of it. But there are many kinds of Christianity, one or two branches that follow the Bible alone (that is without depending on a priest or preacher as much as it is a group of people reading and discussing what the Bible means). In theory, some forms of Christianity are incorruptible.

More importantly, Christianity is a highly criticized organization. With the march of social progress (which is just part of the march to communism) Christians usually get butchered, be it France, Russia, or China just to name the more notable and horrific times. Christians are being killed in many countries right now. It seems almost inevitable that when communism officially, (unfortunately) finally arrives in the United States the fate will be the same here as it has always been elsewhere. Christian leaders may know the fate that waits in the future if they lose the “battles” of today, they may even think it is over and would rather position themselves more favorably to communism than suffer death for principles. The march of mankind doesn’t much care for religion, but seems to absolutely hate Christianity. Hopefully people will listen when they limp up to explain it once more, because returning with terror and slaughter does not seem too thrilling.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment Dashing.

In Northeast India at least there is an "axis of evil" so to speak between the Chinese backed Maoist-Naxalites and foreign Christian Missionaries.

That's right. The money that pew-sitting American and European Christians donate to "missions abroad" is going to a communist separatist movement in the Seven Sister States of India.

Bike Bubba said...

Ugh; from ignoring the reality that premarital sex can hurt someone--STDs, emotional issues, unwanted pregnancy--to a string of red herring accusations that I've never heard from the movement she's decrying, what a train wreck.

I would argue that her churches are guilty of one thing; not teaching her how to think so she can recognize a false argument.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a catholic, but I don't agree with the pope's/bible's stance on birth control..."

"The word for that kind of Catholic is 'protestant'"

Charlie Schnickelfritz said...

My church, the tenth largest in the USA (at least it was last time I looked), still doesn't ordain women or tolerate homosexuality. Many clergy will refuse to marry cohabiting couples. Unfortunately, we have an unofficial "look the other way" policy on divorce.