Sunday, August 25, 2013

Latinos Get What They Deserve

You move here to escape a country that is lousy.

You then vote for a guy and policies that are the EXACT SAME THING YOU WERE TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

And then you wonder why life isn't better.

Well, you're at least American in one regard - you have the same astounding ignorance of economics that most native Americans have.


Paul, Dammit! said...

It's amazing how my wife's political views changed from when she was an illegal to when she became a citizen. Suddenly she got offended that the capital gains tax exists.

It's always worth noting that Cubans are almost exclusively conservative Republicans. Amazing what living in a workers paradise does.

Blinding Buddha said...

right now people are realizing that Obama is just another politician who is not delivering on their promises. We have a saying where we come from "La Pina Esta Agria!" The pineapple is sour! And it is!
Looks like we are going to look for some side hustles to make some money. But be careful cause if Obama finds out his cronies will come at your door and demand "Plata O Plomo!" Silver or led

Anonymous said...

lol latinos will be a permeant underclass just like blacks have been for decades. they just rather be a permanent underclass in the US because the social welfare programs are better than mexico, however that wont last long as their number increase there will be less and less people to tax to pay for their free goodies.

the pyramid scheme of socialism needs a large base to support the small amount of leeches. whats happening now is the inverse the workers are decreasing and the leeches are increasing