Thursday, August 01, 2013

How Opportunity Costs Partially Explain Player Burn Out

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, players WILL burn out.  There is only a certain amount of energy and patience men have, and the novelty of the hunt WILL wear out.

However, there is another economic variable that goes unnoticed by most socio-economic spectators - opportunity costs.

If you're a poor, unemployed, young college student with nothing else going on, then chasing tail is very likely the most important and productive option you have with the remainder of your free time.

However, you don't stay in college forever and you don't remain unemployed or poor.  Sooner or later you WILL find a job, you WILL get a career and WILL have other things going on in life.  As life goes on, these things will gain an "economy to scale" and you will progress and advance in these fields to the point your free time becomes more and more precious.

Soon you're not a 21 year old kid who can sleep in tomorrow, ace your Freshman Comp exam, and play hacky sack for 6 hours on the weekend.

You're 30, recently promoted, bringing down significant money, who also has to train for his upcoming jiujitsu bout and then has night class for his computer networking certification.  You also have your motorcycle ride with your buddies and you got to install gutters on the house before it rains again.

And the prospects of going to yet another bar or yet another night club for 4 hours to MAYBE get a number is like getting .0004% interest on your savings account - it isn't worth the investment.

In other words are these boys "giving up?"

"Suffering from low t?"

"Have other options like video games and booze to attend?"


But boys become men, and if they become real men, life starts to have other more pressing matters for them to attend to, to the point they drop out of the market, or significantly cut back their interest.  And the opportunity costs of their progressively more-valuable 4 hours of free time is just too high to be wasted chasing Tizzy and Tina as they faux lesbian make out at the bar. 

So don't be confused, let alone, lecturing of boys ignoring girls at the bar.  Everything happens in this world for a reason.  And their behavior/actions are not irrational.


Aurini said...

If there's a marriage strike, it's going to be the top 20% of men behind it; sadly, the schlubs are still willing to marry the party princess at 30, while she plans to strip them of their assets.

Anonymous said...

"careerism as a path to whoredom"

another reason men should quit the circuit

Mark said...

If you are a guy with lots of hobbies and interests, there wouldn't be such a high opportunity cost if you could find a female who shared some of those interests and you could pursue the interests together. There are just too many female couch potato types now who spend most of their time watching crappy shows on tv. If I have to give up my interests and sit on the couch with them all the time watching their crappy tv shows with them, it's not worth it.

Anthony said...

Game is a technique. You can take the advice from Roissy and Roosh (and others), and use it to catch and keep that one woman who's right for you. That's not what Roosh and Roissy are doing, but it is what Dalrock and Athol Kay (of Married Man Sex Life) did. It's probably also what lots of guys who really are happy in their marriages did, even if they don't know it.

But for most men, Game is work. Hard work at the beginning. Harder work the more options the woman you're after (or trying to keep) has.

I started from having pretty bad anti-Game, and I'm naturally a lazy person. I know it would take way more effort than I'd want to put in to bed a new girl every weekend. Even when I was out seeking novelty and variety, I was trying to keep the women I caught. Partly because it's good for the ego to know she wants you for more than just a fling, and partly because it's a whole lot less work. And the novelty doesn't wear off in a week, especially if you're seeing more than one woman at a time.

Everybody will reach the point where the extra variety and novelty is not worth the effort it takes. For men who are "naturals" or who find Game easy once they've learned it, that point may come a lot further down the road than for men who really just want one reasonably attractive woman that will stick with them, and who find Game a chore.

clint said...

OT: But thinking of studying networking. what certs should i go for and is there much chance of a job?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy,

New definitions of what constitutes rape will be tested soon in Australia with the following case:

The true litmus test: if the genders were reversed, would there still be "no case to answer for"?

Anonymous said...

"There are just too many female couch potato types now who spend most of their time watching crappy shows on tv."


It's all they do, and all they talk about. Thanks to the internet, they can burn through entire seasons of a television show over a weekend. They spend more time invested in the bullshit drama of fantasy people than reality, particular with regards to improving their own lives.

If they ever do invent sexbots, women are going to get a rude shock.

Rex Little said...

Per your "Time is more important than money" post above: so long as chasing tail is still fun, shouldn't a guy cut back on his work time to do it?