Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Can't Make It Up

So here is the really really short version.

A feminist posts a picture of herself with the "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" meme.

It goes pretty much viral as everybody points out the obvious that she is ugly, overweight, and precisely what a feminist looks like.

I tweet back to the originator who bravely put herself up there and somewhatknown feminist writer Vanessa Valenti,  "thank you.  priceless" in that it is so rich you just couldn't make it up.

But they take it seriously

Honest to the Patron Saint Name of Frick, you just can't make this stuff up.

enjoy the decline folks!


El Borak said...

O Captain, my Captain. That is what is known as a win.

May all of your wins be as epic.

Phoenix said...

That photo is absolutely priceless, pure gold, even more so for the photo below it.

Anonymous said...


If you *are* a feminist,
and that is what you LOOK like,
And are actually PROUD of it..

You're really beyond any help, honey.

Get some cats and a few gallons of Haagen Dazs.. tune in a Lifetime Network movie and party on..



Anonymous said...

Now all you have to do is go over there with boxes of Hostess, Little Debbie, and Tastycakes and you will be their King of Kings.

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Anonymous said...

The group photo below... Can't make it up, indeed.

Aynsley said...

In her defense, most people don't realize that the Facebook TOS include a snippet about how uploading a picture transfers copyright to them. Ignorance isn't an excuse, mind you, but nobody wants to be a laughingstock...

Anonymous said...

"Vanessa Valenti ... is the co-founder of the feminist blog,, a pioneer in connecting feminism with online media and the largest online feminist community in the world.

Vanessa is also a co-founder and partner of Valenti Martin Media, a next generation consultancy that harnesses the power of online communication to elevate social change."

When I read description like this (and there are many thousands of them) it confirms my views we really are doomed, past the tipping point, headed straight for the iceberg at full speed.

Just what does this woman, and hordes of other like her, actually do that adds value to anything? Their whole schtick is based on further brainwashing other young woman into being empowered (whatever that means) and undermining what is left of traditional America. Go read some of her posts, it's the usual leftwing wacko-bird stuff. There is more of this garbage every year and no slowdown in sight. Yet she and every one of the million other feminist writers like her think they are truly unique and adding some value to our society. I just wonder how much longer until society just can't function anymore due to normal working people being overwhelmed by a tidal wave of mediocrity and insanity.

Anonymous said...

What's she doing? Probably working as a government contractor to help with gender equality.
What's equality mean in government? That 50% of the top positions go to women, all while ignoring that 90% of the lower positions are women. But why should men get well paid lower status government positions?
There are now more women studying to be doctors where I live and I can ALREADY see the cracks: half the doctors at my nearby clinic are women and most of them are only working part time. One of them only works two half-days a week. That's government funded training at work!
It's a good thing we've got so many doctors fromo other countries to fill the gaps so women can have their work-life balance!

SQT said...

What cracks me up is she then posts a picture of a bunch of women who are supposed to show the "diversity" of feminism- and they all pretty much look like her to varying degrees. Talk about clueless.

Anthony said...

Here's another way she's an idiot. She, or the photographer who took that picture, have copyright in it. She (or her photographer, if not paid) have the right to ask facebook, tumblr, etc., to take down all unauthorized derivative works based on copyright violation.

There is some possible defense against a copyright claim - the person who put on the snarky (but deserved) comment has a claim of fair use, but following that up would take some time; meanwhile, the picture would be down, and after several weeks, nobody would care anymore.

Dwight House said...

The most amazing thing about this meme is that the comment "That's pretty much what I expected" is not inherently negative. Whoever wrote that text was expressing nothing other than a lack of surprise at her appearance.

Therefore, anyone upset about this photo must be reading negativity into it. By the same token, someone might also read positivity into this comment if they like some aspect of the woman pictured here.

This tells me either:
* Feminists tend to be angry or pessimistic, assuming the worst of people
* Feminists tend to secretly or subconsciously dislike their own appearance for whatever reason

I've seen evidence of both in the past.