Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Lady's Night Linkage

Even though it is morning.

But math is tough!

Paying to change history that, frankly, has nothing to do with you, but people related to you over 200 years ago.

And you think I'm cynical about parents being so self-absorbed it overshadows their kids.

I remember scoping out a bar.  Was kicking around even getting a drink, but then the "no guns allowed" sign was on the door.  Normally I ignore these as my gun is concealed and nobody checks and I don't give a damn, so I walked in anyway.  But when the bar tender asked me if I wanted a drink I said, "No, I have a pistol, I can't patronize your establishment."  She had a confused look on her face as I wandered away looking at the bar.  Nobody was called to ask me to leave.  But they still didn't get my business.

Men always say "marriage isn't easy," but that's because they compromise instead of take command.

I don't care about Hugo.  Enough people are ripping him, including women.

I expect women to be feminine.  When they're not, I treat them like men.  But then they get angry.  I'm so confused.

Heh, yeah.  When you say, "cutting edge of American cultural trends and society" I IMMEDIATELY think "700 club."

Yes, yes, the reason you're in 2nd place is ALWAYS sexism.  Cripes.


Anonymous said...

No famous woman philosophers?! Seriously?!

One of the most famous philosophers in the world is a woman, AYN RAND.

Stingray said...

Thank you very much for the linkage, Captain. It is much appreciated.

sunshinemary said...

Thanks for the linkage, Captain!

Wraith said...

And this is WHY Ayn Rand is a real philosopher:

"The question is not who is going to let me--it's who is going to stop me?" --Rand

Meditate on it a while, and it will become clear why, while not all men are philosophers, the vast majority of philosophers are men.

Tam said...

re: The no-guns sign on the bookstore.

The cries of my people have been heard. ;)