Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why You Will Remain Poor


Dan said...




That's all I got. ;)

dannyfrom504 said...

all i need is food on my table and a roof on my head. my family, hell...they'll always be there.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!!!! Should be viewed by EVERY high school freshman.


Mike said...

Hey captain, what you said is somewhat true, however you cannot get out of poverty without a job, and the CORPORATIONS don't want to produce jobs for the poor. So businesses are partly responsible for poverty. How else are people supposed to get out of poverty? Borrow millions of dollars to open a business that will have a high probability of failure. Or work for peanuts at a job that doesn't even cover for basic necessities. Or invest in stocks that pay 2 cents. Sorry captain, but it seems that capitalism is a pathetic system that is unable to eliminate poverty.