Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Adventures of Government Check Dad


Carnivore said...

ROFL, but don't stop there - a few more like working on a car, fishing, setting up a tent, etc.

coolstud said...

Best ad ever

Anonymous said...

I'll gladly take the money, who cares about the ball.

Given what parents are it would be more profitable to be born with money instead of with parents.

As a fucking capitalist, shouldn't you be teaching your kid some marketable skills so that one day, when you'll no longer be around, your kid will be able to fend for himself and earn a good living.

Don't play ball with your kid, teach him something useful. At least do some mechanical repair, soup up the car, repair the lawn mower, show your kids how to install a door, how to paint etc.

The time you spend playing ball with him is time he is not learning valuable skills.

The number 1 source of poverty is not kids, it's bad parents.

og said...

that is teh awesome.