Friday, August 30, 2013

Kathleen Rice

I saw this, but then I remember I knew I heard that name before.

How much you want to bet she didn't major in STEM and comes from a richer family than what you and i have?


Phillyastro said...

Most of the anti-prostitution laws were enacted in this country by the Progressives about 100 years ago. By the way, these laws came right at the time of universal suffrage, coincidence?

V10 said...

@Phillyastro: It reminds me of the anecdote I came across somewhere about how the real racism against natives in the New World didn't really take off until European women started arriving in serious numbers. Prior to that men would take native girls as full and proper wives, without other men batting an eye about race or religion. But for some strange reason it honked the European gals right off, and they were the ones who lead the charge (via browbeaten husbands) to shame and scandalize and outlaw relationships with those dirty, whorish, sub-human heathens.

Wish I could find the source again...