Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crack Open a Can of Dalrock

Hmmmm....cold, steely, logical, empirical goodness, void of emotions and political correctness.


Peregrine John said...

Cool and refreshing on a hot August afternoon!

Maximo Macaroni said...

Too many comments on Dalrock. What strikes me, though, is that the reason a lot of divorced women don't remarry is because they'll lose their alimony if they do. Example: long term marriage braks up, both H & W middle aged. long term alimony ordered (of course) husband pays. Condition is that alimony ends on death or remarriage. Why would a divorcee give up alimony unless lightning strikes? Could affect the stats.

Anonymous said...

If middle-aged women could secure investment through re-marriage, nearly all would prefer that outcome over remaining single and collecting alimony. That much should be obvious. The problem is that their prospects of re-marriage are often so poor that its not an option.

Gotta love Dalrock though. It's a safe harbor from all the blue-pill, politically correct bullshit you've been force fed your whole life. Just good old-fashioned honest, logical analysis and no feminist cops/white knights to stop you from driving the point home because you're being a "misogynist" (i.e winning the argument).

I've always found that line of argumentation funny though. There's nothing that precludes you from simultaneously speaking the truth AND being a "misogynist". Fact is that the truth about most things is not pretty. Especially human nature. If that makes you a sexist, asshole, racist, misogynist, etc for saying it, that's all irrelevant. The truth doesn't care what you think about it.