Sunday, November 17, 2013

AKA "Dating is An Expensive Pain in the Ass"

Sit down and pay attention kiddies as Reverend Dalrock delivers his latest sermon explaining why men are not just pulling out of the marriages market, but the dating market as well.

Enjoy the decline!


Pax Empyrean said...

I can share my own experience on this: dating is expensive and not all that much fun. There are cheaper, more entertaining things I can do to occupy myself.

leeholsen said...

second that and thats why i only do it on my terms now. i know that the backside of the 2008 fincial crisis still has to come thru and its going to be worse than 2008 was and i also know the high maority of people arent prepared and are going to be hit like a ton of bricks by it. i'm not about to waste my small pile of moneybags on some woman thats going to drop me after the 3rd date for some reason i would fins unrational.

Relampago 2013 said...

I gave up on courting American women a long time ago. I learned in my 20s that buying women nice dinners and doing things they SAID they wanted men to do was a losing propostition.

Dating has degraded more and more over the last 10 years since my 20s, and women's expectations are so high I'm just not willing to put myself through it anymore.

Plus, it's been said before, there's a whole "alpha fux, beta bux" thing going on. Betas buy them nice dinners and serve as emotional tampons, while they fulfill their sexual needs with "bad boys."

You'd have to be a fool to go along with this.

This is why I travel abroad as much as possible. There are a lot more prospects for decent women there than there are here.

Anonymous said...

You complain about liberals and their taxation schemes.

Taxes were not invented by liberals nor "lefties". Taxes were invented by nature.

Sex drive is the first form of taxation. It taxes your free will and forces you to accomplish tasks which do not benefit you economically.

If it were not for sex drive, you would work 80 hours a week and spend all the money on yourself and grow super wealthy.

Sex drive forces you to redistribute part of your productive activity to support a wife and kids. Those are ressources you can no longer spend on yourself.

Nature wants an army of docile and complient strong armed men, led by a few brainy men but all of them under the command of sex drive.

Sex drive is an outside coercion against your free will. If you resist and refuse to let sex drive dictate to you what to do but instead you insist to keep the fruits of your labor for yourself instead of wasting it on reproduction, then you are punished by not having your genes spread.

Nature wants compliance, wants obedience and wants slavery.

This explains why we live in tyrannical government and economic systems.

Look at the paradox, contradiction and hypocrisy here.

Nature wants strong armed men and strong brained men but wants weak willed men.

Men with free will strong enough to overcome their sex drive don't reproduce.

Fortunately, I will build my own life form from scratch and depart from biology.

I will build computer life forms which will be mass produced instead of reproduced and which will evolve iteratively instead of sexually. Biology stands no chance against this new life form.

Biology is obsolete.

Anonymous said...

All I want is a HIGH WAGE JOB that allows me to work as many hours as I want to make as much money as I want.

I want MONEY, I don't want women.

kurt9 said...

Yeah, I prefer money (and travel) to women as well. I'm starting to view women (especially attractive ones) the same way as kids, boats, and airplanes. They are all bottom-less money pits.

Anonymous said...

If it fly's, floats or f*cks, it's better to rent.