Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello From Phoenix


Morgan said...

cool man, have fun. if you're where that looks like you should hit bootleggers on shea for food. it's great.

i'm right at the 32nd exit off the 51 if you want to come to a family thanksgiving. that would be a hoot :)

Anonymous said...

There's something that's just plain depressing and dehumanizing about seeing smog, with no smokestacks in sight.

Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Cheer up, Anon. That's mostly just "normal" atmospheric haze. Some of those mountains you see on the horizon are about 50 miles away.

That view looks like Piestewa Peak, looking east. Used to be called Squaw Peak, but changed for political correctness.

Cap'n, if you want to get a little off the beaten path, try Tom's Thumb trail, starting at the north trailhead. But you won't see the cute 20-something-year-old women jogging past you as you would on Camelback Mt.


heresolong said...

Anon 10:01 Los Angeles basin was called the valley of smoke by the indians as it was always full of smog, even before cars and industry. Certain geographical and weather features combine to trap particulates in the air and it predates us.