Saturday, November 23, 2013

If Girls Want to Pose With Books

I have had some women inquire about posing with the books.  So here is a basic break down of the rules:

1.  In terms of "risqueness" I am using the traditional 1950's pinup girl as a standard.  Nothing too crass, but nothing too Lutheran either.  

2.  If you don't know if you are good looking enough, send me a picture. Do not get upset if I decline because, well, my readers are typically 30 something men.

3.  Dress up anyway for your husband or significant other.  My books don't matter, I'm just trying to spruce up the joint here and get a little eye candy in between the charts.

And yes, my books are that good that girls will read them on a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed.


Mutnodjmet said...

It's a "Miss Captain Capitalism" contest!

Adam Lawson said...

Hey, if anyone wants to pose raunchily with Cappy Cap's books and e-mail them to me... !!

DeNihilist said...

Cappy, you know of this gentleman? Wonderful lecture.

h/t - counting cats in zanzibar

dannyfrom504 said...

dammit. i might have to steal this bit for my site.

dannyfrom504 said...

i might have to steal this bit for my site.

4 more months.