Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Question is Not When Will The Manosphere Go Mainstream...

but when will the mainstream goes Manosphere.


Paul, Dammit! said...

This brings up an interesting point... the author quotes from some disposable feminist writer who paraphrases scintillating conversation bits with her
'friends' who amazingly always say exactly what the author needs them to say.This is a damn tired old trope... it would be nice if women writers didn't need a constant diet of deus ex machina to write their articles. We all know they never had the conversations they quote from, and yet, we're expected to read James Taranto and go along with the story that he quotes from some piece who presents fiction as journalism. I'm torn here, as I kind of like Taranto, but he writes like a girl, too, IMHO.

Pete Brewster said...

The mainstream will go manosphere when they no longer have anything to gain by telling women what they want to hear to sell them crap they don't need. That will be about the time feminist-controlled governments run out of men dumb enough to pay taxes or take bank-confetti in payment of debts.

When men are allowed to keep what they earn---and women permitted to spend it at their menfolk's comvenience, not their own---you won't hear another word about women's alleged rights.